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Dianne Smallwood, Gudjuda ranger doing some revegetation work at Alva Beach, North Queensland © WWF-Aus / Kerry Trapnell

Dianne Smallwood, Gudjuda ranger doing some revegetation work at Alva Beach, North Queensland © WWF-Aus / Kerry Trapnell

Women Rangers

Nature Protectors

For thousands of years Indigenous women have been caring for their country.

Little wonder then that Indigenous women rangers feel such a strong sense of pride carrying on the work of their ancestors before them. These are strong women who play a vital role maintaining not only cultural heritage but environmental management as well, tackling threats like feral animals, invasive weeds and destructive wildfire.

Over the years WWF-Australia has formed strong relationships with ranger groups throughout Western Australia’s Kimberley region and along Queensland’s east coast. And we know the concerns women rangers have – the lack of funding that leads to job insecurity.

That’s why we’re working to create the ‘Women Rangers Network’. So that these remarkable women can continue to ensure that our country will thrive for years to come.

Nyul Nyul Rangers sharing their unique knowledge of native plants at a bush products workshop on the Dampier Peninsula in June 2017 © Kimberley Land Council

© Kimberley Land Council

In photos: Unique skills and traditional knowledge

For many years, Indigenous women rangers have used their ecological knowledge to protect Australia’s unique plant species.





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 Singye Wangmo, Senior Forestry Officer at Royal Manas National Park, Bhutan. © Simon Rawles / WWF-UK


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Sumatran orangutan female 'Suma' swinging through the trees with male baby 'Forester' (Pongo abelii) Gunung Leuser NP, Sumatra, Indonesia © / Anup Shah / WWF


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Women’s Ranger Network



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Fat-tailed gecko on Karajarri Ranger's shoulder, Kimberley © Scott van Barneveld / Kimberley Land Council / WWF-Aus


You can help WWF and continue to support the ranger network

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Buccaneer Archipelago, Kimberley, Western Australia © Paul Gamblin / WWF-Aus


The Kimberley

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