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Regenerate Australia

Out of the ashes of last summer's devastating bushfires, WWF-Australia has nurtured a bold vision to Regenerate Australia. This is a chance for us to restore and revitalise our country for the future of all Australians after experiencing such heartbreaking loss.

Regenerate Australia campaign image

The largest and most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program in Australia’s history. A defining moment for the future.


Out of the ashes of last summer's devastating bushfires, WWF-Australia has nurtured a bold vision to Regenerate Australia. This is a chance for us to restore and revitalise our country for the future of all Australians after experiencing such heartbreaking loss.
We know the magnitude of the impact the bushfires had on our country. We’ve all experienced it first hand. An environmental crisis this extensive requires us to respond at scale, but we can’t achieve it alone. It needs the support of all of us. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that business-as-usual is a thing of the past. Our world, our environment, our very health, is increasingly fragile.
Over the winter, WWF-Australia undertook a listening project to hear first-hand from bushfire-affected and Indigenous communities. They told us what it’ll take for our country to recover. We’ve reflected deeply, consulted widely, and we’ve listened.
These words have shaped our vision for both people and nature.


Regenerate Australia is our $300 million program, over 5 years, to help restore wildlife and habitats, rejuvenate communities impacted by the bushfires, boost sustainable agriculture and future-proof our country.


Together, we’ll kick-start our recovery and regeneration program through four key projects:

KOALAS FOREVER: doubling the number of koalas on Australia’s east coast by 2050
TOWARDS 2 BILLION TREES: halting biodiversity loss and protecting and restoring native habitat
RENEWABLES NATION: switching Australia to a low carbon future and becoming a renewable energy export powerhouse
INNOVATE TO REGENERATE: mobilising the greatest minds to discover the brightest solutions for future-proofing Australia.

This program can only be realised by working together with a range of extraordinary partners with innovative thinking. From local communities, governments, Traditional Owners, NGOs, scientists, businesses, innovators, investors, and foundations - everyone has an important role to play, including you.

We know that actions on-the-ground make a huge difference. We know that there have been many success stories around the world where landscapes and wildlife have been brought back. We can do the same for Australia.


With your generous support, we can save koalas and the forests they call home, transform our country into a renewable powerhouse and mobilise great minds to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Whether you donate money to this landmark program, join us as a corporate partner or lend your expertise to one of our many projects, you have the power to help in profound ways.

You can be the change you want to see in our world.


Download our Roadmap to Regeneration

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Koala on Kangaroo Island after bushfires © Brad Fleet / Newspix

© Brad Fleet / Newspix

The Impact of the Catastrophic Bushfires

The catastrophic Australian bushfires last summer were one of the greatest disasters in our nation's history. 

  • 17 million+ hectares of forests and bushland burnt
  • Around 3,094 homes destroyed
  • 33 lives lost
  • Nearly 3 billion animals were impacted

The firefighters who battled the blazes and the vets, wildlife carers and emergency workers who worked tirelessly to save our Australian wildlife showed amazing courage and compassion. But the staggering losses - of human life, homes and animals - have cast Australia into unchartered territory. Old solutions simply cannot meet our mounting contemporary challenges.

Kangaroo Island dunnart project site © WWF-Aus / Paul Fahy

© WWF-Aus / Paul Fahy

The Solution: Regenerate Australia

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.


Like never before, we need to tackle multiple threats on multiple fronts.


Regenerate Australia combines inventive thinking, scientific rigour and enduring solutions through six key strategies:


1. Economy shift, which advocates for greater government funding for environmental protection, secure post-COVID stimulus investments that benefit people and nature, and models truly sustainable development


2. Wildlife recovery that addresses Australia's extinction crisis, rescues our koala and rehabilitates the Great Barrier Reef. Rewilding key species, launching a national ark, and drafting recovery plans for all threatened species are WWF priorities.


3. Stabilise climate by accelerating Australia's transition to renewable energy, promoting a national renewable hydrogen scale-up, engaging the corporate sector, and the Towards Two Billion Trees project, as well as renewing global climate action.

Native animal rescue backfeeding activity © WWF-Australia/ Wild Vista

© WWF-Australia/ Wild Vista

4. Transforming food production, by halving its environmental impacts. Focusing on key industries and policies, WWF will drive market-based efforts to reduce waste and improve the sustainability of food production through innovative practices.


5. Build resilience, delivering Australia's most ambitious species climate resilience program, boosting the number and capacity of Indigenous rangers, and supporting vulnerable species and communities internationally.


6. Up scale innovation through investment in WWF's Panda Labs as testbeds for commercially viable social ventures and solutions.

Make your mark

WWF-Australia has a proven track record for making a difference. During the bushfire crisis of January 2020, we immediately mobilised response teams to care for stricken wildlife. We searched for missing and injured animals, equipped veterinarians to administer treatment, and delivered emergency food. And it was all only possible thanks to your generosity.

These fires provided a frightening insight into what may lie ahead. But they also demonstrated that you care just as deeply as we do about protecting this incredible continent and its suite of precious wildlife.

Together, we've made significant inroads in addressing some threats, however, the scale of the problem now demands an equally audacious solution.

We estimate it's going to take $300 million to kick-start Regenerate Australia. This will allow us the platform to garner the support and positive action at the local and global levels needed to afford us a sustainable future.

Australia, now is the time to act. Donate today, or get in touch to find out more.



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