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We All Need Trees

Our well-being, communities, wildlife and planet. We all need trees to survive.


More and more, we are turning to technology to help us tackle the ever-growing environmental crisis. But the irony is that the perfect technology already exists, and has done for millions of years - trees!

Trees are champions when it comes to multitasking. They produce oxygen, are good for our brains and give us shade, shelter, nutritious foods and life-saving medicines. Trees are our secret weapon against climate change, while also providing homes for iconic wildlife like koalas and cockatoos.

Our well-being. Our communities. Our wildlife. Our planet. We all need trees.



Aerial view tropical rainforest, forest tree texture and background. © WWF-Australia / Kalyakan - stock.adobe.com



Want to experience the benefits of trees first hand?

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WWF Black Bean Tree artwork © WWF-Australia / Beau Pennefather Motlop (IG: @beau_motlop_art)

WWF Black Bean Tree artwork © WWF-Australia / Beau Pennefather Motlop



“The dark sky represents the incoming storms and rain which feeds the rivers and lakes, which the black bean tree is known to signify. The circular motif patterns on the trunk of the tree represent a strong connection to the land. The circular patterns on the ground represent the spirit of the earth and its connectedness to the trees. The Rainbow bee-eater birds and the Ulysses butterflies symbolise our people’s connection to the sky, and the Dingo and Green tree frog represent our connection to the land.”

  Jirrbal artist Beau Pennefather Motlop (@beau_motlop_art)


Trees, and the benefits that come with them, are disappearing at alarming rates due to deforestation.

Every second we lose two trees to deforestation in Australia; that equates to a whopping 70 million trees each year.

Here are some of the ways you can help us make sure trees are around for years to come:

Adopt a tree

By adopting a tree today, you'll protect a lifesaving source of food and shelter for our native wildlife.

Community Tree Planting at Cook Reserve Ruse, Campelltown © WWF-Aus / Leonie Sii

Adopt Now


Plant native trees in your backyard

We all have a role to play in protecting our native plants and wildlife.

Rainbow lorikeet eating nectar from a red flowering gum tree © Shutterstock / Jun Zhang / WWF

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Learn more about the benefits of trees

Trees provide us with all kinds of benefits every day.

The leaf of a tallowwood tree (eucalyptus microcorys) © CC BY-SA 2.0 Harry Rose / Flickr

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