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Earth Hour 2020 lights off at Sydney Harbour © WWF-Australia

Earth Hour 2020 lights off at Sydney Harbour © WWF-Australia

Aussie celebrities rally behind call to ‘switch for nature’ this Earth Hour

27 Mar 2021

Tonight, Earth Hour, the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, is set to once again unite millions of people around the country and the world at 8:30pm local time.

This year, one in three Australians are expected to take part in the symbolic ‘switch off’ event. With climate change accelerating the devastating biodiversity loss Australia is experiencing, WWF-Australia is encouraging people to sign up and make the #switchfornature to support Australia’s switch to a renewables-based economy and help reduce our contribution to global emissions and climate change.

According to new research from WWF-Australia, just one household making the switch to solar power is equal to taking five cars off the road. If every household in Australia made the switch, it would make up for the emissions of our entire transport sector.

WWF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Gorman said, “The act of switching off our lights for one hour has always been a show of solidarity for stronger action on climate change. This year we want to inspire Australians to make small switches in their daily life to support Australia’s transition to renewables. Whether it’s switching to a solar energy provider, switching to a sustainable superannuation provider or simply switching to reusable everyday items, we can all be making switches that work towards a renewables-led future and protect the home of our unique flora and fauna.”

Among the stars getting involved with Earth Hour this year, Australian actress and climate activist Yael Stone has committed to making the switch for nature. “The extreme weather events Australia has faced in recent years alone are heartbreaking. People's lives are being destroyed, which is particularly devastating when we have so many solutions to climate change at hand. There are things we can all do as individuals to reduce our impact on the planet. Let’s make this Earth Hour the year we make the switch for nature and commit to a renewables-led future for Australia,” said Yael.

Harry Kewell, Cody Simpson, DJ Tigerlily, Nicole Warne, Laura Wells and Victoria Lee are also rallying behind the call, sharing the #switchfornature commitments they’ll be making this Earth Hour through their Instagram channels.

Households, businesses and iconic Australian landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge will switch off their lights for one hour during the event.

Australians can sign up to make the switch for nature this Earth Hour on Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm at

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