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Jim Higgs, WWF-Australia\

Jim Higgs, WWF-Australia's Marine Sustainable Development Manager, interviewed by Seagull from Teached Az © Screen Australia

VIDEO: My interview with a seagull

24 May 2019

  • dugongs
  • great barrier reef
  • threatened species

By Jim Higgs

Marine Sustainable Development Manager, WWF-Australia


Kia Ora!


I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by a good mate of mine from across the ditch - ‘Seagull’ from Beached Az!

Now, he’s bringing a new series called Teached Az to the masses. In one of the segments, Seagull and I have a yarn about why WWF-Australia is having “a bit of a hussy fit” - over gill nets and why it’s so important that we create a net-free haven in the northern Great Barrier Reef.



Seagull asks some hard-hitting questions like, “Isn’t it true that gill nits are making the oceans smarter by removing all the animals dumb enough to git caught?”


But after explaining why we need to protect our precious marine wildlife, I was able to bring him on board to help us create a Net-Free North.


You can also get involved in creating a #NetFreeNorth so that vulnerable marine wildlife like dugongs have a chance to flourish in the northern Great Barrier Reef.




Join me, Seagull and the tens of thousands of Australians who are urging the Queensland Government to change legislation and create one of the world’s largest dugong havens.


Chur, and thank you!



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