Solar installation © Anatoliy_gleb / WWF-Australia

Solar installation © Anatoliy_gleb / WWF-Australia

Renewable Recovery wins worth celebrating

06 Oct 2020


Nicky Ison - Energy Transition Manager - WWF-Australia


In June this year, WWF launched its Renewable Recovery campaign. A campaign to ensure that as we emerge from the COVID-19 health crisis, over 100,000 new jobs are created by growing Australia’s renewable and clean energy industries. We worked with leading consultancy EY to produce a report that outlined the economic opportunity of a renewable recovery, developed a $2billion renewable recovery package and have worked with companies across Australia to advocate for renewable stimulus measures.


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In the last three months, it has been gratifying to see state governments increasingly step up to lead a renewable recovery.


Here are a few of the campaign wins so far:

• The WA Government announced $56M local solar stimulus (July) $13M Battery manufacturing boost and $22M investment in renewable hydrogen (August)


#RenewableRecovery Campaign win WA © WWF-Australia 


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• The NSW Government announced the acceleration of huge Renewable Energy Zone in New England, $37M for Big battery projects (August) and plans to make Newcastle and Port Kembler renewable hydrogen hubs (September)


#RenewableRecovery Campaign win NSW © WWF-Australia


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• The Qld Govt announces $145M funding for 3 new Renewable Energy Corridors (August), and $17M for a new renewable energy training centre (June) and $500M publicly owned Renewable Energy Fund (September)


#RenewableRecovery Campaign win QLD © WWF-Australia  #RenewableRecovery Campaign win QLD © WWF-Australia


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• The Victorian Government announced plans to secure at least 600MWs of renewables to power trains, schools and hospitals to help drive the state’s economic recovery (September)


#RenewableRecovery Campaign win VIC © WWF-Australia


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 • The Federal Government announces #RenewableRecovery investments in a hydrogen export hub, renewable and battery storage micro-grids for remote areas and millions to fund a program to support community organisations to lower their energy bills (September).


Federal Government invests in hydrogen export hub © WWF-Australia   Battery storage micro-grids announced for remote areas © WWF-Australia    Program announced to support community organisations to lower energy bills © WWF-Australia


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• Federal Government commits funding  to support clean energy technologies to be made in Australia Manufacturing clean energy technologies like batteries and electric buses announced as a top government priority Australia can be a renewable export powerhouse – making things, using them and exporting them to the world all with affordable & reliable renewable energy (October).


Federal Government commits to support clean energy technologies made in Australia  © WWF-Australia


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We’re so excited to see what comes next as Australia becomes a renewable energy powerhouse!

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