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Orphan koala joeys playing, southeast Queensland, 2017 © WWF-Aus / Patrick Hamilton

Orphan koala joeys playing, southeast Queensland, 2017 © WWF-Aus / Patrick Hamilton

KIMBY goes BIG in the heart of Queensland's capital

23 Nov 2017

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In the heart of Queensland’s capital, there’s a giant koala with one clear message: we need trees.

It’s a message that’s impossible to ignore.


The team at WWF-Australia have projected a 15m high koala onto the Next Hotel in Brisbane’s CBD, in order to give a voice to the state’s iconic emblem.

Why? Because koalas are nearly extinct in parts of the state.

Shocking isn’t it?

With only days until Queensland hits the polls, it’s a voice that needs to be heard.

Voters have the chance this weekend to help save koalas and their habitat for the future.

In the past four years, more than 5,000 koalas have fallen victim to Queensland’s excessive tree-clearing and bulldozing. And it’s not just koalas that are losing their homes – thousands of native wildlife are suffering due to the open destruction of their forest habitat.

Now is the time to reverse the tragedy and give our native wildlife a chance to thrive so that koalas are around for future generations of Australians.

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