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In Photos: Threatened native Australian animals

05 Sep 2022


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Did you know there could be koalas or other threatened wildlife living near you? 

Discover what animals need protection in your local area using WWF-Australia’s ‘My Backyard’ tool, and find out how well they’re being cared for.




Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique species - some of which many may never even have heard of before! However, the number of native wildlife under threat of extinction is growing. We need to do all we can to bring awareness to protect these iconic animals. 


Find out if any of these threatened wildlife live near you and how they're being cared for by going to


Greater glider

Greater glider in a patch of old growth forest in Munruben, Logan City, south of Brisbane © Josh Bowell
Status: Endangered


Regent Honeyeater

Critically endangered regent honeyeater on a branch, Quorrobolong NSW © Mick Roderick / BirdLife Australia
Status: Critically Endangered



A numbat emerges to start the day in the Dryandra Woodlands, Western Australia © John Lawson / WWF-Australia
Status: Endangered


Australian platypus in river © Shutterstock / Martin Pelanek / WWF
Status: Near Threatened

Swift Parrot

Swift parrot perched on a branch © Dave Curtis / Flickr
Status: Critically Endangered


Black-flanked rock wallaby

Black-flanked rock-wallaby in the central Wheatbelt, Western Australia © Craig Pentland
Status: Endangered


Kangaroo Island dunnart

Kangaroo Island dunnart © Peter Hammond
Status: Endangered



 Young koala perched in a tree at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary © Photo by Archie Carlson on Unsplash
Status: Endangered

Curious what other threatened animals could be living in your backyard? 

Explore WWF-Australia’s ‘My Backyard’ tool to learn what wildlife makes their home near you and how well they're being cared for.




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