WWF-Australia's Tanya Pritchard holding a sapling during a koala tree planting event with Bangalow Koalas © Property Shot Photography

In photos: Getting muddy for koala recovery

06 Jun 2022

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Despite recent flooding and consistent rain in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, WWF-Australia have been on-the-ground, getting their hands (and feet!) dirty for a koala tree planting event with Bangalow Koalas.

Our iconic koalas were recently listed as Endangered on the east coast under our national environment law, recognising they are one step closer to extinction. Koalas face many threats to their survival but the biggest threat is the loss and fragmentation of their forest homes. To help double the number of koalas on the east coast of Australia, we’re working to establish wildlife corridors by planting koala habitat and food trees.

Sadly, koalas are not the only Australian animal at risk of extinction and tree planting along with other landscape restoration projects are critical in safeguarding the future of vulnerable wildlife. By restoring habitat and food trees, we can encourage the recovery of many animals in the region.

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• And if you live near the Northern Rivers region, keep an eye out for upcoming community tree-planting events with Bangalow Koalas - all ages welcome!


Take a look below to see the team in action getting muddy for koala recovery!

Bangalow Koalas president Linda Sparrow and WWF-Australia\


An aerial view of the saplings planted by the team of Bangalow Koalas volunteers © Property Shot Photography


Members of the community are always welcome at Bangalow Koalas tree planting events - the more the merrier! © Property Shot Photography


Restoring koala habitat is a critical step in our mission to double koala populations along Australia\


The Bangalow Koalas volunteer teams planted over 800 trees in just a few hours © Property Shot Photography


Linda Sparrow, President of Bangalow Koalas with one half of the Lennon Brothers Bush Regeneration © Property Shot Photography


The WWF-Australia team are always excited to get their hands (and feet!) dirty for koala recovery! © Property Shot Photography


Planting both koala habitat and food trees is essential to helping the Northern Rivers koala populations recover © Property Shot Photography


Everyone was very proud to show off their end-of-day plant holder stack to see how many trees they\


This project is supported by the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery for Wildlife and their Habitat program.

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