Over 7200 people attended 60 screenings of Regenerating Australia

Over 7200 people attended 60 screenings of Regenerating Australia © WWF-Australia/ Anton Rehrl Photography

In numbers: the Regenerating Australia film tour wraps up around the country

03 Jun 2022

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That’s a wrap! Regen Studios’ short film Regenerating Australia, in collaboration with WWF-Australia, has finished its national tour, with the final screening in Byron Bay last month.

In case you missed it, Regenerating Australia is a hypothetical news report from 2030 based on interviews with a diverse group of Australians who were asked about their hopes and dreams for the future.

Clean energy, green cities, flourishing habitats, and a society with First Nations voices front and centre: the film is an inspiring glimpse into what Australia’s future could look like if we simply listened to the needs of its people.

It’s been an incredible couple of months for the film since its Sydney launch at the beginning of March, with so much to highlight, but we thought we’d let the stats speak for themselves.

Here is Regenerating Australia, so far, in numbers:

• 60 screenings

• Over 7,200 attendees

• 156 special guest speakers

• 40 First Nations performers and speakers

Regenerating Australia was the most-watched during the Earth Hour film festival, with over 11,000 minutes watched

• Over 700 requests to screen the film to local communities, schools and businesses

• Media coverage of the tour across print, digital, radio and podcasts, receiving over 5 million impressions.

Here’s a glimpse into the Melbourne launch of the film:
Haven’t seen the film yet? Find out where you can view it here or request to hold a screening for your group or community.

Innovate to Regenerate

In response to this inspiring film, WWF-Australia is deploying $2 million of funding as part of our Innovate to Regenerate Challenge. This will support solutions that can reverse environmental damage and create a positive impact for people and the planet.

We’re thrilled to reveal that after viewing the Regenerating Australia film, an incredible 81 groups of people got together to submit an idea to the challenge. We’re currently working with these project teams to help bring their ideas to life.

We’ll have more information on these fantastic, innovative new projects and the next phases of the challenge in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, visit wwf.org.au/what-we-do/regenerate-australia/innovate-to-regenerate to learn more.

And remember: Together, we can regenerate Australia!

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