Origami stars for Christmas decorations © WWF-Aus / Stef Mercurio

Origami stars for Christmas decorations © WWF-Aus / Stef Mercurio

11 easy DIY Christmas decorations

10 Dec 2020

  • Christmas

Spent the 2020 learning how to crochet, baking sourdough or perfecting the art of origami? Time to put those Lockdown skills to crafty use and create festive decorations this Christmas season.


This Christmas, why not make your own decorations by recycling things around the house? It’s a great way to be creative while getting in the spirit of the season. Not only is it a fun, inexpensive holiday activity to do with friends and family, it’ll also help the planet by turning old things into new!


Check out these fun, easy and eco-friendly DIY Christmas decoration ideas.



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