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Two eastern quoll joeys at Trowunna Wildlife Park, Tasmania © WWF-Aus / Madeleine Smitham

Juvenile eastern quolls, Tasmania © Devils @ Cradle / WWF-Aus

Bringing the eastern quoll home

19 Oct 2017

  • biodiversity
  • ecosystem
  • quolls
  • tasmania

Brace yourselves. These little predators are making a comeback to mainland Australia with a little help from WWF. Eastern quolls were once part of the Australian landscape for millions of years. They've been extinct on mainland Australia for over 50 years and can now only be found in Tasmania. We're working to breed the eastern quoll and bring them back to mainland Australia.


Watch the video below to find out more about this exciting project!




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This project is in collaboration with Parks Australia, Rewilding Australia, Devils@Cradle, Trowunna Wildlife Park, Australian National University and the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council.