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Close up of quokka, Western Australia © Bluebottle Films / WWF-Aus

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Workplace giving for employers

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving allows employees to make donations to WWF-Australia direct from their pre-tax pay. Their income tax is immediately adjusted based on their donation, eliminating the need to keep receipts for their annual tax return. Employers often boost the impact of their giving program through donation matching, fundraising, volunteering, skill sharing and in-kind support.

Workplace giving is a proven tool for building a more engaged, inclusive and motivated workforce, contributing to overall business performance. By enabling staff to donate direct from their pay, you help their hard-earned money get to WWF-Australia in the most efficient way. Workplace giving delivers sustained, cost-effective funding to WWF-Australia, allowing us to focus on achieving our vital conservation goals.

We work collaboratively with our workplace giving partners to ensure their programs are meaningful and engaging. As a partner, we will support you and your staff through regular impact communication, a range of engaging activities and activations.

Panda team at City2Surf ©  WWF-Aus / Mihira Bodaragama

© WWF-Aus / Mihira Bodaragama

Why workplace giving?

Attract (And Win) New Talent

42% of young Australians want to work for an organisation that will have a positive impact on the world. This group will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030.*


*Benojo 2017
Hawksbill turtle swimming underwater, Madagascar © / Inaki Relanzon / WWF

© / Inaki Relanzon / WWF

Why workplace giving?

Retain Happy Employees

85% of employees said that their company’s workplace giving program made it a better place to work* and research shows that staff who participate are more loyal to the company^


*Benojo 2017
^Good2Give Workplace Givers Revealed 2015

© John de Rooy / WWF-Aus

Why workplace giving?

Increase ROI

Employers with highly engaged employees deliver seven times greater five-year total shareholder returns than organisations with low employee engagement ✝


✝ Kenexa 2008

Why partner with WWF-Australia?

There are many great incentives for having a workplace giving program. Workplace giving creates a more passionate and driven workforce, enhances your company’s desirability as a place to work for future employees, and gives your current employees tax benefits.



  • Australia’s most reputable eNGO*
    *AMR Reptrak Charity Reputation Index 2017

  • A strong following of nearly one million supporters in Australia

  • Part of a global network active in over 100 countries

  • We focus on high impact local initiatives, accelerating on-ground conservation and advocacy work in Australia

  • We have a full-time, dedicated Workplace Giving Coordinator that can offer guidance on setting up your program and maximising engagement
Colourful soft coral on the Osprey Reef, Coral Sea © John Rumney / WWF-Aus

© John Rumney / WWF-Aus

What you'll receive as a workplace giving partner

  • Guidance on setting up your program
  • Regular impact communication
  • Volunteering opportunities such as our Solar Light Challenge
  • Secondments and volunteering opportunities*
  • Exclusive privileges and presentations to your employees by WWF-Australia scientists and thought leaders*
  • Information and case studies for inclusion in your communications to staff and other stakeholders*
Panda latte at a cafe in Melbourne © WWF-Aus / Heather Kiley

© WWF-Aus / Heather Kiley


* Assumptions based on the no. employees the company has in Australia & average salaries between $37k & $87k 9 2&3, ACF Research

 Dressing up for Wild Onesie Week 2014, Bondi Beach © WWF-Aus / Bondi Advertising

© WWF-Aus / Bondi Advertising

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It doesn’t have to stop with you! Why not become a ‘panda power player’ at the office and get your co-workers—or even your whole company—fired-up to help the planet.