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Orphan koala joey, southeast Queensland © WWF-Aus / Patrick Hamilton

Panda team at City2Surf © WWF-Aus / Mihira Bodaragama

Workplace giving for employees

Donate the smart way – direct from your pay!

It’s a great feeling when you accomplish something big at work. And it’s a great feeling when you do something that helps make the world a better place. Now’s your chance to do both at once. By joining your workplace giving program, you become a vital part of WWF-Australia’s important conservation work.

Panda team at City2Surf ©  WWF-Aus / Mihira Bodaragama

© WWF-Aus / Mihira Bodaragama

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving is a simple and convenient way you can donate to WWF-Australia, direct from your pre-tax salary. Ask your Workplace Giving Coordinator or Payroll Office if your organisation has workplace giving program. If yes, nominate WWF-Australia as your charity of choice and select your donation amount. If no, contact WWF-Australia’s Workplace Giving and Corporate Engagement Manager, Ariahne

Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii) male baby, Central Kalimantan, Borneo ©  / Fiona Rogers / WWF

© / Fiona Rogers / WWF

Why workplace giving?

Regular donations are vital to fund our work protecting endangered wildlife and habitats, and meeting the urgent threats to our living planet. By donating through workplace (payroll) giving, you can make your money go even further.

© Pexels

© Pexels

What happens if I change jobs?

You’ll need to set up your donation again with your new employer – the registration won’t follow you to your new job. But we hope you’ll continue to support us.

Benefits of of workplace giving


  • As a donor, you’ll receive monthly updates from WWF-Australia, letting you know the impact of your donations.

  • It’s all organised by your payroll so there’s no upkeep or administration on your behalf.

  • It eliminates the need to collect receipts and wait until the end of the year to claim tax back.

  • Regular giving makes it easier to plan so we can achieve more conservation wins with your hard-earned dollars.

  • Your donation is pre-tax so it will actually cost you less than the amount we receive from your payroll office.
Panda latte at a cafe in Melbourne © WWF-Aus / Heather Kiley

© WWF-Aus / Heather Kiley

To the dollar...

Consider how a donation of just $1 per day (less than half the cost of a coffee) can make a huge difference to WWF-Australia.
If you donate: It will cost you approximately: WWF-Australia receives: If your employer matches your donation, WWF-Australia receives
$10 $6.75 $10 $20
$20 $13.50 $20 $40
$30 $20.25 $30 $60
$40 $33.75 $40 $80

The above figures are a guide only, based on an annual salary between $37,001,- $80,000 and the marginal tax rate, so may vary slightly depending on actual salary and tax rates.


* Assumptions based on the no. employees the company has in Australia & average salaries between $37k & $87k 9 2&3, ACF Research

Gentoo penguin jumping out of the sea, Cuverville Island, Antarctica © / Ben Cranke / WWF

© / Ben Cranke / WWF

Contact us!

Do you have any questions about workplace giving? Contact us and we’ll get back to you.


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Toolkits to get you started

It doesn’t have to stop with you! Why not become a ‘panda power player’ at the office and get your co-workers—or even your whole company—fired-up to help the planet.


Aerial view of Hardy Reef taken on 20 June 2017 to assess if the Heart Reef has been bleached © WWF-Aus / Christian Miller

© WWF-Aus / Christian Miller


Why do you donate through workplace giving?

Easily summed up in three words – simple, effective, painless. The process is straightforward to setup and it gives piece of mind that the donation is going straight to the charity without any administration fees being taken out. Also, our Deloitte Foundation matches contributions dollar for dollar to a capped amount so you actually make double the difference.


Why have you chosen to donate to WWF-Australia specifically?

I really admire the work that WWF does in conserving the parts of the world that need our help. I’ve seen the work that they do in Uganda and Rwanda, and can see the difference that they’ve made to the local environment – especially the mountain gorillas and their habitat. They also help in panda conservation – and who doesn’t love pandas!



Matt Buchanan
Manager at Deloitte