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Emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) diving, Ross Sea, Antarctica © National Geographic Creative / Paul Nicklen / WWF

WWF Annual report 2018 cover

Annual Report 2019

WWF-Australia’s Annual Report 2019 contains a summary of our conservation highlights over the past financial year, all made possible with the help of our supporters and partners.  More than forty years of working in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and the Antarctic proves that collaboration is the key to success.

Koala joey (Phascolarctos cinereus) and mom eating Eucalyptus leaf © Shutterstock / dangdumrong / WWF

© Shutterstock / dangdumrong / WWF

"Our innovation push is working to scale-up the impact we can have using new approaches.

For example, WWF’s first innovative social impact venture, OpenSC, was established to support ethical and sustainable practices along supply chains."

Tenasserim Hills in the Tanintharyi region of Myanmar © Adam Oswell / WWF-Myanmar


“With the release of this report, we are recommitting ourselves to the urgent task of building a world in which people prosper in harmony with nature.
It is an ambition we are delivering through six priorities.”


In 2019, whether working on policy reform, out in-the-field or with technology to develop innovative conservation solutions, we continued our mission - to build a future in which humans live and prosper in harmony with nature - together.

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