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Panda Labs

WWF-Australia’s award-winning innovation program, with a focus on accelerating and amplifying emerging technologies with positive social and environmental impact.

How we work

Big problems often mean big opportunities. We have the mandate - and indeed the imperative - to try new things, take risks, experiment with new approaches to how we solve problems, and collaborate with new allies.


Experiment and test new products and services by adopting the design thinking process.


Accelerate new and innovative solutions to some of the big environmental challenges we face.


Create a platform for collaboration through face-to-face events, hackathons and panel discussions.

Dermot and Reece at the AFR awards © WWF-Australia

Dermot and Reece at the AFR awards © WWF-Australia


Panda Labs wins AFR Innovation Award

WWF-Australia has been named as one of Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies for its approach to innovation and project to develop a blockchain-based tool that can track tuna from when they are caught, all the way to dinner plates.


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Pole and line tuna and baitfish fishery project, Indonesia. Bitung, Sulawesi, Indonesia. May 2016 © Paul Hilton / IPNLF / WWF-Aus

© Paul Hilton / IPNLF / WWF-Aus


WWF-Australia & OpenSC

WWF-Australia and BCGDV have launched a revolutionary new online platform called OpenSC that uses blockchain to track food and help people to avoid illegal, environmentally-damaging or unethical products.


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The Greenhouse sessions

What we do

The Greenhouse Sessions

A fascinating event series exploring the role emerging technology can play to help solve some of our biggest environmental and social challenges.


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Brett Heywood, SeaQuest Fiji CEO, Dermot O'Gorman WWF-Australia CEO and Ken Katafono, TraSeable Solutions CEO next to a yellowfin tuna about to be tagged with QR code

What we do

WWF-Australia and Blockchain

Enabling a single source of truth, blockchain has multiple transformative applications for WWF programs across the Sustainable Development Goals. WWF is well placed to play a pivotal role in partnership with organisations to develop new, high value products, tools and services.


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Crystal globe resting on moss in a forest - environment concept © Shutterstock / Romolo Tavani / WWF

What we do

Thought leadership

The ‘Can Technology Save the Planet?’ discussion paper features some trends in technology that excite us, along with an exploration of how they could be applied to solve some of the big environmental challenges we face as a society.


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What we have done

Future Cities

A four stage innovation process.