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Green turtle, Heron Island © WWF-Aus / Sian Breen

A green turtle swims off Heron Island Research Station, Queensland, Australia © WWF / James Morgan


WWF-Australia has up to 100 Governors, who are the voting members of WWF-Australia and our most high-profile champions. They are appointed because of their commitment to WWF’s mission, their standing in the community and their ability to contribute to our success.


Governors bring a diverse range of skills, influence and expertise to the governance of WWF. From backgrounds as varied as conservation, science and research, international development, business, public relations, marketing, law and governance, they use their expertise, influence and networks to help us achieve our conservation goals. Many Governors contribute to internal working groups and provide strategic advice across the organisation.


Governors are initially appointed for a four-year term, which may be renewed. New Governors are nominated by current Governors, and appointed by the Board of Directors.

 WWF-Australia's governors


 Dr Imran Ahmad Dr Ronnie Harding, AM
Mr Phil Rist
Mrs Josephine Baillieu
Mr Paul Harris
Mr Derek Robertson
Cr Michael Berwick, AM
The Hon Robert Hill, AC
Ms Anna Rose
Ms Renee Boundy Professor Karen Hussey
Mr Edward Rowley
Mr Greg Bourne Professor Lesley Hughes
Ms Kerryn Schrank
Mr Peter Bridgman Mr Tony Hyams, AC
Dr Sandra Schuster
Mr William Burrell, AM Mr Anthony Hyde
Ms Kate Smither
Ms Bláthnaid Byrne Dr David Ireland
Mr Simon Spellicy
Mr Peter Cosier  The Hon John Kerin, AM
Mr Andrew Stock
Professor Bart Currie Mr Jason Kimberley
Mr Alan Sweeney
Professor Chris Daniels Mr Peter Kingston
Professor Luca Tacconi
Professor Christopher Dickman Councillor Robert Kok
Mr Peter Thomas
Mr Alex Ding Ms Holly Lindsay
Mr Sean Triner
Mrs Catherine Dowling Mr Diccon Loxton
Mr Keith Tuffley
Dr Colin Filer Dr Martine Maron
Mr Brent Wallace
Dr Guy Fitzhardinge, AM Mr John Mooney
Mr Ivan Wheen
Professor Tim Flannery Mr Anthony Nicholas
Mr Hunter White
Mrs Margaret Gibson
Mrs Christina Nicholas
Mr Martijn Wilder, AM
Mr Douglas Gimesy
Mr Brad Orgill
Dr Dedee Woodside
Mr Stephen Gottlieb Ms Louise O'Halloran
Mrs Susan E Young
Mr Piers Grove Mr Robert Purves, AM

Ms Louise O'Halloran
Ms Louise O'Halloran
Ms Louise O'Halloran