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Aerial view of Hardy Reef, home to the Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef © Jürgen Freund

Aerial view of Hardy Reef, home to the Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef © Jürgen Freund

Board of Directors

I am motivated by the challenges facing both the environment and humanity as a whole and working with an organisation like WWF, who can make meaningful change, is a great privilege.

Martijn Wilder

President WWF-Australia



As our planet faces a critical point of no return, we at WWF must do all for can for future generations to safeguard the Earth on which we live. This means drawing on the best available science as the basis for delivering effective long term conservation outcomes. 


WWF-Australia's Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Meeting by the membership of Governors. Directors must be Governors and be nominated by their fellow Governors. Each year one-quarter of the Board must retire, and if eligible they may be nominated for re-election. Directors of the Board can sit on the Board for six consecutive years, with extensions in some cases.

The President of the Board is appointed by his fellow Directors for a term of three years, for up to two terms.


Our Directors

Mr Martijn Wilder, AM

President, Director; Member, Board of Directors since 2012. Founding Partner, Pollination Capital Partners; Director, Climate Council of Australia; Chair, NSW Climate Change Council; Governing Board member, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP); Member, Wentworth Institute of Concerned Scientists; Visiting Professor of Law, Australian National University; Former Partner, Baker McKenzie (Head of Baker McKenzie’s Global Environmental Markets and Climate Change practice, and Chair, Baker McKenzie Law for Development Initiative)


Martijn is passionate about preserving nature and leaving the world a better place for future generations.

Martijn Wilder © Martijn Wilder

Ms Renee Boundy

Director; Secretary; Member, Board of Directors since 2014;  Member Nominating  and Governance Committee.
Partner at Allens since 2012; Member, Finance and Treasury Association; Member, Asia Pacific Loan Market Association; Former Director, Odyssey of the Mind.

Renee Boundy  Photo courtesy of Renee Boundy

Prof. Chris Dickman

Director; Member, Board of Directors since 2015; Member, Eminent Scientists Group; Chair, Nominating and Governance Committee. Professor in Ecology (Personal Chair), University of Sydney; Councillor, Royal Zoological Society of NSW; Member of the Research Committee for the Hermon Slade Foundation and the Australia and Pacific Science Foundation; Scientific Associate of the Taronga Conservation Society Australia; Member, Technical Advisory Panel, Environmental Defenders Office;  Member, Invasive Species Council; Fellow, Australian Academy of Science.

Chris Dickman  Photo courtesy of Chris Dickman

Mr Peter Everingham

Director; Member, Board of Directors since 2017; Member, Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee; Member, Nominating and Governance Committee; Director, iCar Asia Pty Ltd.; Director, Super Retail Group; Director, Lion's Share Fund Australia; Director ME Bank. Former Managing Director of SEEK Limited's International division including Chairman of their China business, Zhaopin Limited and Director of their education businesses, IDP Education, Online Education Services and THINK Education; Former director of strategy for Yahoo! in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Portrait of Peter Everingham. Courtesy of Peter Everingham.

Mr Stephen Gottlieb

Director; Member, Board of Directors since 2013; Chair, Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee. Special Counsel – Tax at KPMG; Board Member, Force Majeure; Member Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia; Chartered Tax Advisor.

Stephen Gottlieb © Stephen Gottlieb

Prof. Lesley Hughes

Director; Member, Board of Directors since 2013. Member, Nominating & Governance Committee; Member, Eminent Scientists Group. Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research Integrity and Development, Macquarie University; Member, Climate Scientists Australia; Member, Steering Group of Future Earth Australia; Member, Conservation Science Advisory Council for the Taronga Institute; Steering Committee, NESP Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub; Member, Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists; Member, Climate Scientists Australia; Councillor, Climate Council of Australia; Member, Climate Science Expert Panel for the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership support Unit.

Lesley Hughes © Lesley Hughes

Mr Sean Triner

Director; Member, Board of Directors since 2017; Member, Finance Audit & Risk Management Committee; .

Director and Owner of Moceanic; Director, Better World Ventures Pty Ltd.;  former owner and co-founder of Pareto Fundraising.

Sean Triner, WWF-Australia Board member. Photo courtesy of Sean Triner.

Mrs Nicole Sparshott

Director; Member, Board of Directors since 2018. CEO T2 Tea since 2016 and Global Vice President Unilever since 2011; Non-Executive Director, Global Sisters; Former senior level commercial and marketing roles held Unilever, the Coca-Cola Company and George Patterson Y&R across multiple markets – Asia, UK, USA and Australia.

Committees of the Board

The Board is assisted in its function by two committees, whose membership is drawn from the Board and who report to the Board as well as two advisory groups consisting of some of Australia’s leading most eminent scientists, business leaders and innovators.


Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee (FARM)

This committee must include members with relevant financial expertise. Its main role is to assist the Board by providing oversight of finance and business affairs, compliance, risks and internal controls and appointment of auditors. The Committee members are:

  • Mr Stephen Gottlieb (Chair)

  • Mr Peter Everingham

  • Mrs Nicky Sparshott

  • Mr Sean Triner

Nomination and Governance Committee

This committee must include members with relevant corporate governance expertise. Its main role is to assist the Board by having oversight of the processes for admission of WWF-Australia Governors, nomination and evaluation of the Board of Directors, and other governance processes. Members of the Committee are:

  • Prof Chris Dickman (Chair)

  • Ms Renee Boundy (Company Secretary)

  • Mr Peter Everingham

  • Prof Lesley Hughes

Eminent Scientists Group (ESG)

The Eminent Scientists Group provides advice and support to the Board and to WWF-Australia to enable it to operate effectively as a science-based, solutions focussed organisation. The group provides guidance on the strategic direction of priority programs, cross-cutting themes, marketing and engagement, and emerging issues in conservation. Members of the ESG are:

  • Prof. Jamie Pittock (Chair)

  • Prof. Sarah Bekessy

  • Prof. Christopher Dickman

  • Prof. Lesley Hughes

  • Dr Dedee Woodside AM


Innovation and Ventures Group (IVG)

The IVG’s role is to provide thought leadership and to support and advise WWF-Australia on its innovation and venture initiatives so they are well-considered, executed and risk managed. This ensures we maximise outcomes in line with our strategic goals.

  • The IVG members are:

  • Mrs Nicole Sparshott (Chair)

  • Dr David Ireland

  • Mr Peter Everingham

  • Mr Peter Kingston