Solar panel texture close up © Shutterstock / OliverSved / WWF

Solar panel texture close up © Shutterstock / OliverSved / WWF

The global race to renewables

22 Mar 2021


The global race for renewables is on. 

The COP26 in Glasgow in November is Australia’s chance to step up and invest in a renewable export future

The world is racing to grow their renewable industries. The ambition has never been greater. Australia has some of the best renewable resources in the world but other global economies are investing at a rate far greater than us.


Experts across a huge range of industries and experiences agree; investment in the renewable industry will create thousands of jobs and future-proof us in a world that is rapidly decarbonising and transitioning to a net-zero economy.



WWF-Australia has identified six key types of renewable export opportunities that best position us to become a renewable superpower:

  • Renewable hydrogen 
  • Renewable powered commodities such as green steel; 
  • Software and services
  • Australian expertise
  • Direct electricity transfer
  • Components and recycling.

These sectors would create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country, cut carbon pollution and achieve the economic prize of becoming a world-leading renewable export nation.

Australia can produce enough renewable energy to power the nation, with enough left over to sell to the world.

This is our moment. Let’s make Australia a clean energy export superpower.


Clean Energy Report 2021 coverCLEAN EXPORTS PLAN

A global shift towards renewable power and clean energy goods and services is already well underway, and immediate action can make Australia a leader and position workers and businesses for the future.

This is Australia’s opportunity to create 395,000 clean export jobs and generate $89 billion in new trade by 2040 through investment in clean energy exports.

In this new analysis, ACF, WWF-Australia, ACTU and BCA  identify 5 specific actions for government to put Australia at the front of the pack:
  • Coordinated investment in 7 clean export precincts 
  • $10 billion co-investment in new industries 
  • $5 billion fund for workers and regions to diversify
  • A new program to support low-carbon materials in major infrastructure projects 
  • An interim target of 6 GW of hydrogen and 3 green metals plants by 2027





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