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Behind the renewable superpower scorecard technical-cover

Behind the Scorecard: Technical Report, Nov 2021

27 Nov 2021


This technical report has been produced to support the second edition of the WWF Renewable Superpower Scorecard, published in November 2021.  


Part 1 describes the methodology used to produce the second scorecard including the overarching approach,  development of the quantitative and qualitative indicators, research and scoring process, and expanded detail of the results found in the Scorecard. An explanation of any changes from the first edition (published in March 2021) are also  highlighted throughout the report.


Part 2 presents a model of one scenario for achieving an ambitious renewable energy target of 700% for Australia by  2050. Where 700% renewables is understood to mean electricity generation from firmed renewable sources seven times greater than Australia’s total electricity generation in 2020. The trajectory described in this scenario was used to  determine the scoring scale for several of the quantitative indicators in the scorecard. There have been no changes to Part 2 since the first edition of this report, however future editions are likely to include updates as new publicly  available studies emerge reporting the level of new build renewable generation and storage capacity required to meet 100% renewables and beyond. 


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