A Papua New Guinea islander paddles his dugout canoe to go fishing © Jürgen Freund / WWF

A Papua New Guinea islander paddles his dugout canoe to go fishing © Jürgen Freund / WWF

'Climate Cash' podcast series

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WWF-Australia has created the podcast series Climate Cash. Over three episodes, WWF-Australia's Conservation Direction Dr Gilly Llewellyn speaks with business, government and community experts to explore how climate change impacts are threatening South East Asia and the Pacific region. Importantly, the podcasts examine what role Australia can play in building resilience, ensuring economic stability and creating sustainable growth opportunities in the region. 

This Podcast has been generously supported by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).


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Episode one

This episode features villagers from Solomon Islands who are experiencing the impacts of climate change first-hand. Scientists also share their perspective, we hear from organisations on the ground who are looking for solutions, and learn of the important support role that Australia can play to our most vulnerable neighbours.

Episode one guests include:

Henis Ghoni, recreational fisherman and resident of Ghizo Island, Solomon Islands

Shannon Seeto, Country Manager for the WWF Pacific Solomon Islands office

Dr Simon Albert, University of Queensland Research Scientist

Chanel Iroi, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology for the Solomon Islands Government.

Listen to episode one:

Episode two

In episode two, government and finance experts speak about Australia’s role in South East Asia and the Pacific, and what climate change impacts to the region mean for Australian businesses. We learn how the Green Climate Fund will direct finance into climate change projects in developing countries, other ways that climate finance can be delivered, and discuss what is needed to encourage more Australian private sector investment in this area.

Episode two guests include:
•    Ewen McDonald, Deputy Secretary at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
•    Adrian Enright, WWF-Australia Climate Change Policy Manager
•    Emma Herd, Investor Group on Climate Change CEO
•    Martijn Wilder, Head of Global Environmental Markets and Climate Change Practice at Baker & McKenzie.

Listen to episode two:

Episode three

In this final episode you can hear what kinds of projects are out there for the private sector to get involved in and which Australian businesses are already leading the way. This episode also showcases a new initiative started by a blend of organisations, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, WWF, Oxfam and the Australian Council for International Development, that is facilitating Australian corporate support for vulnerable countries.  

Episode three guests include:
•    Katharine Tapley, the ANZ Bank's Director of Sustainable Finance Solutions
•    Megan Flynn, Qantas Group Manager for Environment & Carbon Strategy
•    Kaelene McLennan, Corporate Affairs, Sustainability and Communications Manager with Simplot
•    Dr Simon Bradshaw, Oxfam Australia Climate Change Advocate.

Listen to episode three:

The Roundtable

WWF has been working alongside the Department of Foreign Affairs, Oxfam and the Australian Council for International Development to boost Australia’s financial contribution to climate change adaptation and mitigation in the Asia-Pacific. This culminated in the first Climate Finance Roundtable, which brought together more than 40 representatives of organisations such as Qantas, the Minerals Council, ANZ, Westpac, BP and Baker & McKenzie.

The second Climate Finance Roundtable was held in September 2016. Representatives from business, government and community organisations are invited to express an interest in attending future Roundtables.

Climate Cash

Find out more about the Climate Finance Roundtable and WWF's work with business around a low-carbon future:

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