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Defenders of the Unburnt Six

Help WWF-Australia and Environmental Defenders Office amplify our collective voices!

Thank you for becoming a Defender of the Unburnt Six!

Here are some of the incredible and creative ways our defenders are helping to make a bigger impact.


Voices of the Unburnt

These are just some of the powerful messages you've sent to our leaders, asking them to defend the Unburnt Six.


Voices of the Unburnt - Mary Forbes © WWF-Australia Voices of the Unburnt - Charlie Bell © WWF-Australia
Voices of the Unburnt - Sue Chambers © WWF-Australia Voices of the Unburnt - Alissa Jones © WWF-Australia


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We need your creativity!

You’ve got the power to make an even bigger impact by helping us create content that ministers can’t ignore.


Here’s how:
Take a photo, create an artwork or film a short video of yourself explaining why you’re raising your voice for the unburnt areas of land that survived the catastrophic bushfires. It could be a speech, a painting, photography, a hike in nature… anything that is meaningful to you!

Your creation could be featured in WWF-Australia's website and social media channels, with a reach of millions!


How to participate:

  1. Take a photo, create an artwork or film a short video (less than 30 seconds) showing or explaining why our Unburnt forests are worth protecting.
  2. Upload your creation to Instagram or TikTok and tag @WWF_Australia and use the hashtag #DefendTheUnburnt.
  3. Don’t have TikTok or Instagram? Send it straight to us!

Some examples to help inspire you

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Become a top tier defender!


Every voice matters. Share our petition with your friends and family and ask them to be a Defender of the Unburnt Six today!

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