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A flock of knot flying in front of a windfarm in the UK © / Graham Eaton / WWF


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Eastern quoll being released back into the wild in Jervis Bay after a pouch check © Rewilding Australia Inc. / WWF-Aus


First eastern quolls born at Booderee in over 50 years

The first eastern quolls born in the wild on the Australian mainland in over 50 years have been found at Booderee National Park.

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Reef crest dominated by robust branching corals and coralline algae, Great Barrief Reef © WWF / James Morgan


WWF: revised Reef 2050 Plan exposes Australia on climate change

WWF-Australia welcomed the increased focus on climate change – including the devastating consecutive coral bleaching events in 2016 and 2017 – in the ...

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