Saving the planet with blockchain © Jared Cherup Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Saving the planet with blockchain © Jared Cherup Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

WWF saving the planet on blockchain

01 Sep 2017

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This blog was originally published by Dr Jane Thomason, CEO Abt Australia, Social Policy Adviser, Member Devex Impact Stretegic Advisory Council, Commentator Blockchain.


I was delighted to join WWF at the Energy Lab in Sydney to brainstorm how blockchain can help them to save the planet. We were convened by Reece Proudfoot of WWF Panda Labs (great name!) for a day, ably facilitated by Consensys. After a "Blockchain 101" session, a mix of 10 WWF staff and 10 outside "experts" spent the day looking at the highest value "use cases " for WWF in conservation and sustainable development programs and supporter engagement. I learnt a lot about Tuna ! We also explored ideas around green energy and climate, carbon trading (including peer to peer carbon trading), and the development of a recycled wood investment "bank" to finance sustainable forestry. At the end of the day, WWF had three seriously feasible use cases to take forward, on membership and fund raising, one on Tuna provenance and supply chain and one on energy and climate.

This was followed by the "Greenhouse" public panel event in the evening . The panel was wonderfully moderated by Arthur Falls: from Consensys ; and included Leah Callon-Butler: from RedGrid ; Bridie Ohlsson: from AgriDigital ; Bubba Cook: from WWF and me. What a great series of use cases from Tuna provenance and supply chain, to clean energy trading, to removing friction from agricultural supply chains and getting better deals for farmers; and of course, Abt's interest in how blockchain can improve the lives and planet for the poor in emerging economies. There were tough and challenging questions - but great cameraderie among the panel and a balance between granular discussion of the blockchain use cases and big, bold transformative ideas.

The general theme for the event was 'how blockchain tech can be harnessed for social and environmental impact'. We also took the opportunity to explore the bigger issues of disintermediation, transparency and decentralisation that are being facilitated by blockchain.

The big idea for me was that WWF lends its self to becoming the poster child for a truely global decentralised autonomous organisation with its own token for investment, membership, voting and impact. I hope that they will be bold enough to do so.

It was a great day!


Learn more about blockchain here.

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