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Cody Simpson's #PlasticFreeShop Challenge

Take the #PlasticFreeShop challenge with Cody Simpson

02 Jul 2020

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Single-use plastics are littering our coasts, polluting our oceans and endangering our marine wildlife. The truth is, plastic is everywhere and it doesn't disappear.

We can’t let nature go to waste. Ocean plastic pollution has serious consequences for nature and people. That’s why we’re calling on state & territory governments to phase out the most problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics.

 Help phase out single-use plastics.



Take the #PlasticFreeShop challenge with Cody Simpson

Can you do an entire food shop without plastic? Join WWF-Australia Oceans Ambassador, Cody Simpson this July and take on the #PlasticFreeShop challenge on social media.

How to take part in the #PlasticFreeShop challenge?
Taking part in the challenge is easy.


1. Next time you head to the supermarket for your grocery shop, challenge yourself to complete an entire food shop without problematic plastic. If you’re unable to complete an entirely plastic free shop - just make sure you’ve made at least one plastic free / plastic-friendly swap!


2. Take a video of yourself or of your plastic free shopping basket while shopping, showing your plastic-friendly groceries or a plastic free swap you’ve made. You can make a 15 second Instagram story, take part in the challenge on TikTok following our reduce, reuse, recycle video, or you can get creative! If video isn’t your thing, just take a photo of a plastic-friendly product/swap you’ve made, or a final photo of all your plastic free groceries.


3. To join Cody Simpson, post your challenge video or photo to either Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and use the hashtag #PlasticFreeShop.


4. Lastly, call out others on social media! Tag & nominate 3 friends to take on the #PlasticFreeShop challenge!


By taking part in the #PlasticFreeShop challenge, you’ll be showing that breaking up with plastic is something everyone can try. Small changes make a big difference.


Want to go one step further?


Plastic is everywhere and it doesn't disappear. We can't let nature go to waste.

 Help phase out single-use plastics.


Top Tips for completing your #PlasticFreeShop challenge


1. BYO shopping and produce bags

2. Don’t buy food in pre-portioned packaging - Buy in bulk instead

3. Buy loose fruits and veggies - skip the plastic packaging or BYO produce bags

4. Swap out the cling wrap for beeswax wraps or containers

5. Buy your meat or cheese from the butchers or deli and ask to use your own container

6. Buy refills - Instead of buying a new product each time

7. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush

8. Buy a bar of soap rather than plastic bottle dispenser

9. Swap out plastic soda bottles for a reusable soda dispenser

10. Buy fresh bread from local bakeries - in a reusable bag

11. When ordering groceries online, contact the supermarket and ask them to reduce the amount of plastic they use for online delivery

12. Buy from bulk food shops or go to the farmers market


And remember, completing a plastic-friendly shop really isn’t hard! By making small changes and choosing plastic-friendly alternatives while at the store, together we can all make a difference.


Plastic is everywhere and it doesn't disappear. We can't let nature go to waste.

 Help phase out single-use plastics.


WWF-Australia is proud to be supporting Plastic Free July's global movement helping millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution.