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Black-flanked rock-wallaby in the central Wheatbelt, Western Australia © Craig Pentland

I'm standing up for Aussie wildlife © WWF-Australia / Craig Pentland

Show your support for Aussie wildlife

15 Sep 2020

  • environmental laws
  • threatened species

So you’ve landed on this page which can only mean one thing - you love Australian wildlife! And what’s there not to love? We live in a country that’s filled with natural beauty and diverse landscapes, home to unique wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.


Sadly, our national environmental laws are failing what we love so much about Australia. In October, the federal government will be pushing a bill in the senate that will be a disaster for our wildlife, putting many on the fast-track to extinction. But we can stop this from happening.


Here are 4 ways you can show your support for our unique Australian wildlife.


1. Send a message to your local politician

If you haven’t yet, the best way you can help save our native wildlife from extinction is by sending a message to your local politician, asking them to support stronger federal nature laws.


The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act is undergoing a once-in-10-year review. This is our chance to make sure these laws are strengthened and enforced for the future of our wildlife.




2. Share this video

Thousands of Australians have rallied together to tell the government that nature matters to all of us. We also have some powerful voices joining us, including Layne Beachley, Harry Kewell, Cody Simson, Stephanie Rice and more. You can show that nature matters to you too, by sharing this video.




3. Download and share these social assets on social media!

Spread the word! Share with your friends and family how important it is to protect Australia’s wildlife and the places they call home.

I'm standing up for Aussie wildlife
Federal laws that protect nature
End Australia's extinction crisis
Save the greater glider
Standing up for our Aussie wildlife

4. Plant native trees and plants

Australia’s trees and plants help provide food and shelter for many of our native animals. Half our country’s threatened wildlife live on the fringes of urban areas. Planting native trees and shrubs can help ensure these animals have a place to call home.



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