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Close up image of a red panda © Martin Harvey / WWF

Close up image of a red panda © Martin Harvey / WWF

Quiz: What's your solitary spirit animal?

31 Mar 2020

  • hawksbill turtles
  • koalas
  • pandas

There are many animals that prefer to live on their own. There’s the wolverine, red panda, leopard, koala and hawksbill sea turtle. Considering the circumstances, we could learn a thing or two from these species on how to live our best (solitary) life. But with so many animals to learn from, how can you choose which is most relevant to you? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered. This quiz will help you to find inspiration through a solitary spirit animal!

How would you best describe your eating habits? Be honest, no one’s here to judge you

a) A gluttonous (excessively greedy) eater because food is way too good to share!
b) I eat a balanced diet… most of the time
c) I’ll eat anything that gives me the energy I need to get through until my next meal
d)There are certain foods that I like. I guess you could say I’m a picky eater
e) I’m always the last to finish my meal. I like to savour my food

How would your friends describe you?
a) Fearless and confident
b) Introverted, in a good way!
c) Hard to get a hold of/never replies. But hey, there are worse flaws to have
d) Chilled out. Seriously, I’m never stressed
e) Easy to approach and makes a good impression on others

When you’re feeling frazzled, what do you do to relax?
a) I like to eat my troubles away
b) Curl up in bed with a warm blanket
c) Go for a run and zone out
d) Nap or meditate
e) Jump in the ocean or shower to wash off the day

Which activity would you prefer to do:
a) Go for a long, leisurely walk
b) Rock/mountain climb
c) If I had to choose I’d say running, but I like any form of exercise!
d) Is relaxing and eating an option?
e) Go swimming

What would be your go to holiday adventure
a) Travelling to the Arctic to see the northern lights. It’s at the top of my bucket list
b) Camping. There’s nothing like the great outdoors!
c) An African safari. I’ve always wanted to see the lions, giraffes and zebras in their natural habitat
d) A trip around Australia. Why travel overseas when you can have just as much fun exploring Aus?
e) Snorkelling and/or scuba diving somewhere tropical. Sun, sea, sand… yes please!

If you were an animal, what characteristic would you have?
a) Sharp claws
b) Fur that acts as a camouflage
c) Great hearing and night vision
d) Thick, woolly fur to protect from high and low temperature extremes
e) Flippers 


If you chose mostly a) you are a wild wolverine

A wolverine holding onto a tree branch © Ola Jennersten / WWF-Sweden
You’re fearless like the wolverine and have no trouble standing up to others. Your confidence is admirable. When situations get tough, you face them head on and fight for what you believe in. You’re intelligent and a force to be reckoned with! Others don’t appreciate your inability to share but they’ve never heard of the saying ‘what’s mine is mine’. You prefer the cold to warmth because it’s easier to heat up than it is to chill down (just like your emotions).
Your go-to quarantine activity is a long, leisurely walk (within regulation of course) to appreciate the world around you.
Interesting fact: the scientific name for wolverine is gulo gulo which, in Latin, translates to glutton.

If you chose mostly b) there’s no denying, you were a red panda in another life

Close up image of a red panda © Martin Harvey / WWF
You’re shy and enjoy your alone time. As for the fight or flight response, you’re undeniably the latter because you understand that it’s better to be safe. As much as you enjoy your alone time curled up in bed with a warm blanket, you also have an appreciation for the great outdoors. You’d jump at the chance to go camping under the stars.
You’ll cope nicely at home because you eat well and can easily keep yourself entertained.
Interesting fact: The red panda uses their fur to camouflage into their surroundings - the mountains in Nepal, northern Myanmar and central China.

If you chose mostly c) you are living as a leopard

Leopard in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania © Rebecca Ney
You go for what you want and don’t cave under pressure. You’re very athletic both in strength and speed so to keep your energy up you eat A LOT. Anyone who knows you is aware of the fact that the way to your heart is through your stomach. You are elusive and secretive which makes it difficult for your friends to get a hold of you. Not only are you a great runner, but you are also a confident climber and a strong swimmer. The full package! You’ll do well to keep active over the next few months, which will do wonders for your mental health.
Interesting fact: Leopards can run at a speed of more than 60km/h!

If you chose mostly d) you’re koalified to be a koala

Koala in tree © Shutterstock / Yatra / WWF
You’re chilled and relaxed. When times get tough, you keep your cool because what good is there in stressing? Your calming nature is probably the reason why people LOVE being around you! You will (dare I say) enjoy this time indoors because that’s where your two favourite things are, your bed and the fridge. You truly understand the notion of home is where the heart is.
Interesting fact: Some believe koalas get high off of the eucalyptus which then makes them sleepy. In actual fact, digesting the leaves uses up a lot of energy so koalas need a lot of resting time to recuperate - approximately 19 hours!

If you chose mostly e) your solitary spirit animal is a hawksbill sea turtle

Hawksbill sea turtle, Papua New Guinea © Jürgen Freund / WWF
You’re easy to approach and make great first impressions. Though, you don’t mind being alone from time to time. When provoked or faced with a difficult situation, your kindness and positivity is unwavering. One could say you are immune to negativity. You love water because there’s just something about H2O, you can’t survive without it! In this time of solitude, if you’re feeling drained, stressed or any other negative emotion, splashing water on your face or jumping in the shower will make you feel better.
Interesting fact: The hawksbill sea turtle is one of few species that feeds on coral reef sponges. This is because it has developed an immunity to the toxin produced by bacteria that live on the sponge.



Though your solitary spirit animal might avoid social interactions, it doesn’t mean you should too. At this time connection is what we all need. Be mindful to stay in touch with friends and family. And if they are stuck for something to do, why not share this quiz with them!