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WWF-Australia supporter Helen Fischer

WWF-Australia supporter Helen Fischer

Even small actions can make a big difference

12 Nov 2019


Legacy supporter Helen Fischer on the incredible beauty of the natural environment, and how together we can make a difference and protect it.


I have been interested and concerned about environmental issues since I was fifteen years old and have wanted to work in the environmental area since then. 

I studied science subjects in high school then was lucky enough to go onto university completing a Science Degree in Zoology and Immunology, then a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science. I worked as a Microbiologist for many years, then as an Environment Officer, mainly in the area of waste reduction and recycling.


I have travelled through Australia, Europe and North America. I have seen so many beautiful natural environments. Many have been degraded by human actions, which I find terrible. 

So much of the natural world has been lost. 

Western Australia and Arnhem Land, in particular, are incredibly beautiful and relatively unspoilt. I would love to see this remain the case. We need places like this to be protected forever. Places like the Amazon, which I find a fascinating and incredible region. I am very worried about its destruction and the encroachment of humans. 

There aren’t many places on Earth not yet touched by man, and I would like to see these few areas remain untouched always. This is why I donate my time and money to environmental organisations, like WWF, who work so hard and tirelessly protecting these areas. 

I also greatly admire the dedicated activists who go out with courage and determination – risking injury and arrest – to highlight the plight of these regions and protest for their protection and safety. They work well with the local community to protect their land and livelihoods.


Helen Fischer at Kingston Heath Reserve in Cheltenham, where she is a member of the Friends Group working on the remnant melaleuca stand and native plantings in the Botanic area


I believe that if we all work together, never giving up, we can protect vast areas of the world. 

By donating to campaigns, taking a stand, calling and writing letters to politicians, and educating the wider community, we can all make a difference – even in a small way – which will build up over time.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the natural environmental for future generations is essential. This work will continue well in to the future and this is why I have decided to include a donation to WWF in my will. I trust WWF to use this donation wherever it is most needed, once I have passed away, to help with environmental actions around the world. 

It was not a hard decision to make. I did it for my daughter and the generations to come.


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