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Annual Report 2022

WWF-Australia’s Annual Report 2022 contains a summary of our conservation highlights over the past financial year. This report aims to capture key highlights that demonstrate the breadth and impact of our work, providing an insight into the incredible energy that WWF is bringing to the greatest challenge of our time - protecting people and nature. 

It is thanks to our supporters and many partners who helped make the achievements below possible.

Dr Kita Ashman from WWF-Australia with a greater glider nest box in Tallaganda National Park, NSW © WWF-Australia / Tim Clark

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Regenerate Australia is our bold vision to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats and to future-proof Australia against climate disasters.

By seeking out and working with a range of extraordinary partners, our goal is to rehabilitate and restore natural habitats and recover our native wildlife. Since commencing this journey, we’ve partnered with 142 organisations across every state and territory. Some have helped to deliver emergency relief to where it is most urgently needed, including flood-affected regions. Some have embarked on innovative recovery and restoration efforts, while others have joined us to accelerate Australia’s transition to a Renewable Energy Export Superpower. This is a defining moment in our history. We’ve created the most comprehensive, most ambitious regeneration program ever to be undertaken on our land and seascapes. 


Planting both koala habitat and food trees is essential to helping the Northern Rivers koala populations recover © Property Shot Photography

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  • A joint WWF nomination that saw the east coast koala uplisted to Endangered. 

  • The release of national scorecards around renewable energy and plastics, urging governments to commit to more ambitious policies.

  • The restoration of 863ha of vital landscape and habitats across Australia for species like the koala.

  • Over $500,000 in emergency funding raised, through generous donations, to help flood recovery efforts and care for flood-affected wildlife.

  • The creation of a 100,000km2 gillnet-free oasis in the waters of the northern Great Barrier Reef after purchasing the area’s last commercial gill net licence.
    21,507 WWF-Australia stories reached audiences around Australia and the world, raising awareness of our impact as we work to Regenerate Australia.

  • The release of the Regenerating Australia film. 62 cinema screenings across  the country were held as part of the national tour, which, which attracted over 7,000 attendees. 

  • The sharing of our blueprint for the new federal government and elected representatives, consisting of policies and actions to ensure we get the best possible outcomes for people and nature. The blueprint urges the government to:

    •  Strengthen our nature laws;
    •  Become a world leader in forest protection;
    • Reverse the extinction crisis;
    • Save the Great Barrier Reef;
    • Protect the marine environment;
    • Keep plastics out of the environment;
    • Become a Renewable Energy Export Superpower;
    • Expand Indigenous Protected Areas and ranger programs;
    • Build a nature-positive international development program; and
    • Invest in community-led economic, social and environmental regeneration.


In 2022, whether working on policy reform, out in the field or with technology to develop innovative conservation solutions, we continued our mission - to build a future in which humans live and prosper in harmony with nature - together.

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