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Wild-livestream 2018

Wild-livestream 2018


What is WWF Wild-Livestream?

Species around the world are facing extinction. Your mission: stream to save our species. The fate of their future lies in your hands. Do you accept this challenge?

WWF Wild-Livestream unites streamers from all over the world to stream to save our species! Since 2017, the WWF Wild-Livestreamers community has raised over US$100,000 to make a real impact to protect the planet and the animals they love. Could you be our next hero?

Sign up today and stream to save our species!

WWF at PAX © WWF-Aus



Top streamers

  • Dawko

  • TamTam

  • DGDS



Full leaderboard

Name Total points
Dawko 16496.5
TamTam 3712
DGDS 2175
Swaysounnds 1621.28
Naysy 1135
ClassyKatie 785.48
NoelleMBrooks 755
lionwithaneyepatch 575
thisnancy 530
kayPOWXD 525
Xailran 452.5
Raejayy 425
wootibotx 390
Joeru707 350
charlotto 256
Syntribos 225
Dr. AlfrdPennyworth 180
BanzaiBaby 95
Libztar 75
josetroni10 50
Jojodstep 43
Mr_Balloonatic 35
jake299200622222222 25
Pratorean2012 25
sofalamudi 15
Andii_Owleyes 15
rynnie16 15
Shaqyharvey 15
Kazleberry 15
catmitt 15
HannahhHyrule 15
Avignis 15
standius 10
xAzarathx 10
Naes 5
marystarling 5
ActualFairyBread 5
Miss_Liddles 5
LaraLorraine 5
LadyDevann 5
JierdaStormqrow 5
Cheru 5
VastAbyss 5
WynstanArbiter 5
Awesome 5
itsmattkc 5
necco3 5
JoINrbs 5
lulujasWild 5
cohlrabi 5
Aeoknight 5
360trumpscope 5
Glennorini 5
She_Noob087 5
Shad0w_5carab 5
Gabprz 5
Adeleynta 5
Mandy 5
Nerds of Aus 5
haiimbelle 5
Chrisnature 5
norahs90 5
dazprodigy 5
Angrybirdpj 5
SaendIthas 5
Devoun 5
y0ttabyte 5
Avignis 5
Moistardt 5
AussieSteve 5
kodabk_xx 5
Sebbiesawrr 5
maedi 5
vesikk 5
Stuart_Sm 5
Veebeta 5
Pipercameron812 5
Pistol 5
21crow 5
KXQubed 5
Fauxre 5
caseyjinlee 5
BrokenPiG 5
chickachow 5
Lollydolli 5
Vaguetuba4 5
LPUltimate 5
Dionysian_53 5
MajorWhippy 5
Lynchi1233 5

Panda Points

Stream to earn rewards as you fundraise to save our species. $1 = 1 point. Check out what you can win below!

  • 200


  • 500

    WWF animal onesie

  • 1000

    Your choice of WWF KeepCup or WWF CamelBak water bottle

  • 3000

    Panda prize packs

  • 10,000

    Australian turtle tagging adventure

  • 100,000

    Borneo adventure trip

  • FAQ
  • Question: Who can participate?
    Answer: If you’re a streamer on the internet, then you’re welcome to join in! If you’re not and would still like to get involved, we’re always looking for volunteers. Everyone is welcome to join our Wild-Livestreamers community on Discord.
  • Question: How do I sign up?
    Answer: WWF uses Tiltify, a fundraising platform for charity streaming, to collect donations.
    • Click here to create your WWF campaign
    • Create an individual or team campaign
    • Don’t forget to click publish when you’re ready to start collecting donations (don’t worry, you can edit your campaign later)!
    • Link your Tiltify campaign to your overlay through Streamlabs, OBS or XSplit
    • Add a Twitch panel that links to your Tiltify campaign
    • Add some fun creative milestones, donation incentives and rewards!
    • Set a date (or several) for your stream/s
    • Promote your charity stream on social media and tag @wwf_streamers on Twitter
    • During your stream, make sure to set your bot up to run a !charity or !donate command so your audience knows what you’re fundraising for and where to donate.
  • Question: What can I stream?
    Answer: You can stream anything you like! Art, games, cooking - whatever it is, it’s up to you! Just remember that you’re streaming for a charity, so stick to Twitch TOS and remind people why you’re streaming and why the cause matters to you!
  • Question: When can I stream?
    Answer: Anytime! You can fundraise and sign up whenever you want. We run around 4 special WWF streaming events a year where you can connect with other Wild-Livestreamers and collaborate or compete in games, but outside of those periods, fundraising for WWF is always on!
  • Question: How can people donate? Who gets the money?
    Answer: Choose a number that feels achievable but meaningful for you! On average streamers usually raise around $200 per 1000 Twitch followers. Some streamers who have organised amazing streams with lots of fun challenges, raised more dollars than their number of followers!
  • Question: How do I claim my loot?
    Answer: If we don’t get in touch within seven days, DM us @wwf_streamers on Twitter! Even if you don’t reach any goals, we’ll be keeping track of the total amount you’ve raised for WWF, so the more events you participate in, the more likely you’ll be to hit those goals!
  • Question: Who can I contact for more information?
    Answer: If you have any further questions, please feel free to email or DM us on Twitter @wwf_streamers or Discord (WWF-Australia#3366).

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