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 © Mike Ball Dive Expeditions / WWF-Aus

Green turtle on a reef © Mike Ball Dive Expeditions / WWF-Aus

Preserve our reserves - act now

The fight to save the Coral Sea continues...

The Coral Sea is one of Australia’s most precious treasures, just next door to the world’s largest reef system: The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. 


But right now it’s in danger because the Australian Government wants to slash protection of the Coral Sea by more than half! If these plans go ahead, it will be the largest downgrade of a protected marine area in the world. That’s a massive step back for a nation that was once seen as a leader in marine conservation.


This is your chance to influence the future of our oceans. Be a voice for Aussie ocean wildlife and #PreserveOurReserves.


Tell the government to stop these plans and keep our marine reserves protected.


Send a personalised postcard to key politicians and have your voice heard.

Preserve our Reserves postcard © Damien Siviero / Mike Ball Dive Expeditions / WWF-Aus

 Last year, 80,000 people spoke out against the Australia Government's decision to implement the biggest downgrading of a marine protected area (MPA) the world has ever seen. 


But the Coral Sea needs help now more than ever!


It’s known for its spectacular marine wildlife – a place where iconic ocean species like sharks, whales, tuna and turtles all call home.


These cuts will expose the already vulnerable ecosystem to large-scale industrial fishing and trawling – affecting both the health of the Coral Sea and its neighbouring Great Barrier Reef.

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