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IFAD project in the Solomon Islands © Mark Bristow / WWF-PNG

Transforming business

We help shape business strategy, transform your operations and supply chains, reduce environmental impacts and drive resource stewardship.


WWF-Australia works in partnership with businesses to generate large-scale shifts to more sustainable practices. Our team is on the leading edge when it comes to knowledge on how to make your supply chain sustainable and transform the operations of producers, distributors and retailers.


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Project spotlight: John West

Working with WWF-Australia, in 2016 John West Australia moved to source all of their skipjack tuna from a sustainable supplier in the West Central Pacific. This changed the market. As a result, more than 43% of the branded canned tuna sold each year in Australia is now Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable and John West is known as the industry leader in sustainability. That's over 100 million cans sold each year now carrying the MSC certified label. In addition, John West supports WWF ocean conservation projects to protect ocean health well into the future – projects in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea to improve the livelihoods of coastal fishing communities. Watch the video to learn more.