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Two eastern quoll joeys at Trowunna Wildlife Park, Tasmania © WWF-Aus / Madeleine Smitham


How we can make an impact

We live in times of unprecedented environmental change that present great challenges for people and businesses. We are working to meet these challenges head-on. Our 11 priority projects for the next three years will lead the way to provide positive change. Partner with us on these projects or get in touch to see how we can tailor a project for you.


By working in partnership, WWF-Australia aims to drive conservation results that would not otherwise be possible.


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Our 11 priority projects

New Deal for People and Nature

Rally the world to address the climate emergency and the wildlife extinction crisis. Together, we can build a partnership that protects the environment and improves people’s lives, jobs, incomes, well-being and rights. Become a key partner in WWF-Australia’s New Deal for People and Nature.

Australian Bushfire Recovery

With an estimated 1.25 billion animals killed across Australia to date as a result of the devastating bushfires, urgent action is needed to save wildlife and restore their habitat. Partner with WWF-Australia to support our bushfire recovery work.

Protect and Restore Trees

Australia is one of the top 11 global hotspots for deforestation. We urgently need to halt deforestation and protect our beautiful natural forests and landscapes. Partner with WWF-Australia to help protect and restore trees, the habitats of hundreds of native species.

Renewable Export Powerhouse

To return the climate to a stable state, we urgently need a just transition to a renewable exporter. Become a partner in WWF-Australia’s Renewable Powerhouse campaign.

Help Wildlife in a Warming World

By 2030, our target is zero loss of natural habitats and zero extinction of species. Help our beloved species adapt to the climate emergency and threats to their habitat. Become a partner in WWF-Australia’s ambitious species recovery program.

No Plastics in Nature

Plastic is polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. A third of all plastic waste, about 100 million metric tonnes, ends up in nature every year. Become a partner in WWF-Australia’s No Plastics in Nature program to protect our planet by eliminating unnecessary plastic and creating a circular economy.

Creating a Net-Free North

Help create one of the largest havens for Australia's dugongs and marine wildlife in the northern Great Barrier Reef. Become a partner in WWF-Australia’s campaign to create a Net-Free North.

Rangers Lead the Way

For thousands of years Indigenous women have been caring for their country. WWF is supporting Indigenous women rangers in the Kimberley and north Queensland to co-design strategic plans and build regional hubs and a national network. Support the work of Indigenous rangers today.

Stand with the Pacific

Stand with our Pacific neighbours to call for stronger action on the climate emergency to protect the well-being, livelihoods, and security of Pacific Island countries. Partner with WWF-Australia and take a stand for the Pacific today.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is more than just lights out, it’s a national and global movement calling for stronger action on climate and biodiversity with nearly 1 in 5 Australians taking part every year. Become a partner in WWF’s Earth Hour, Australia’s largest grassroots campaign for the environment.

Advocate for Antarctica

Climate change is destroying sea ice habitat in the Antarctic, threatening the survival of many iconic polar species. Help protect the Earth’s last great wilderness by creating marine sanctuaries. Become a partner in WWF’s Antarctica program.

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