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Join now to Regenerate Australia. One Signature = One Tree Planted.

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Join us on our mission to Regenerate Australia, and we’ll plant a native tree on your behalf.


Australian nature needs your care.


The devastating 2019-20 bushfires burnt 12.6 million hectares of bushland and caused the single largest loss of wildlife in modern history.

It will take decades to recover, but you can make a difference now.


Sign up today and we'll plant a tree on your behalf that will provide a future home, protection and food to recovering wildlife such as koalas, greater gliders and more.


Together, we can save and grow 2 billion trees by 2030. It’s part of our plan to Regenerate Australia.


By joining us today, you’ll help make a difference and rebuild vital homes for our wildlife. 


Investing in bold solutions and cutting edge technology

We need to act now to solve habitat restoration at scale. That’s why we’re investing in bold, innovative solutions.


Drone planting technology fires seeds encased in carbon capsules into the soil, mapping specific species to their native areas. The capsule protects and fertilises the seeds as they grow and then breaks down as they strengthen into seedlings.

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Creating a more hopeful future

WWF-Australia staff Arianne Thompson plants a tree © WWF-Australia / Leonie Sii

Restoring habitat by planting and protecting 2 billion trees

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Making Australia a renewable energy powerhouse

Cultural fire management in the Kimberley © Jessica Chapman / Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation / WWF-Aus

Supporting Indigenous cultural burning to build a fire-resilient environment

We take action where it counts

We're working in-the-field on bold and innovative projects including drone seeding to replant and restore koala habitat - connecting a network of wildlife corridors along the east coast to allow koalas to move freely and easily through fragmented landscapes.

As a next step, we’re also working with landholders to protect and restore koala habitat on private land by incentivising the creation of koala safe havens and advocating for stronger laws and protections for koalas and the places they call home.


Everyone who signs up to Regenerate Australia will be joing us on our journey to restore and protect the homes our wildlife lost during the devastating 2019-20 bushfires as part of the largest and most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program in Australia’s history.


Sign up to plant a tree today to help rebuild vital homes for our wildlife. 

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Partner with us

Australia’s wildlife and wild places are at risk. Our bold vision to Regenerate Australia at scale is the answer. But we can’t do it alone. We need your support and collaboration.


As a change maker in your industry, your business can help lead the way to positive change. Join us as we deliver these long-term, strategic projects.


By working in partnership, WWF-Australia aims to drive conservation results that would not otherwise be possible. Get in touch today to find out how you can partner with WWF-Australia. Australia’s wildlife and wild places are at risk.

Together, we can create a world in which our Australian nature supports our Australian Nature, so that both can thrive together.

Join Regenerate Australia

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How else you can help regenerate Australia

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