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Wild koala sitting on ground © Theo Allofs / Getty Images

Koala sitting on the ground © Theo Allofs / Getty Images

Call for koalas

Demand action to stop excessive tree-clearing and save koalas

Queensland’s koalas have nowhere to go - their homes are being destroyed.

Over 50 thousand people have already sent a digital koala called a KIMBY to politicians asking them to stop excessive tree-clearing.

The good news is that the campaign is starting to cut through. Tree-clearing is shaping up to be a key Queensland election issue, due to be held on Saturday 25 November. But it’s critical that we continue to work together and demand to see action within the first 100 days of the next government.

If you live in Queensland, we’ve created a simple tool for you to get in touch with your local MP and demand action. If you don't live in Queensland but want to help, share this with a friend.


Will you be a voice for wildlife and make a call for koalas?



1. Enter your name, mobile number and postcode to find your local Queensland MP

2. You’ll immediately get a call from us with some quick tips

3. We’ll then transfer you directly to your MP's office

4. Don't worry if you get an answering machine or a staff member answers, just leave a message, or ask if they can pass on your concerns to your local member.

Here are some pointers:

  • Use a polite tone
  • Say you’re a WWF supporter
  • Explain why this issue is important to you
  • You’re concerned about excessive tree-clearing and the catastrophic impact it's having on our wildlife populations, including koalas
  • Ask them to stop excessive tree-clearing within the first 100 days of the next government

Here’s an example you can use:

“Hi [key politician],
I’m [name] and I’m a WWF supporter. I’m just one of thousands that are concerned about excessive tree-clearing in Queensland. It’s clear that it’s causing a catastrophic impact on our Australian wildlife and destroying the homes of our koalas.

I’m asking that you stand up for the Australians that don’t have a voice. Will you stop excessive tree-clearing within the first 100 days of government?”

Thank you for being a voice and calling for koalas.

Let us know how you went with the call on our Facebook page!


Not from Queensland but want to help? Share with your friends in Queensland.