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Solar panel texture close up © Shutterstock / OliverSved / WWF

Reece Proudfoot profile photo © Connie Nicolas / WWF-Aus

Reece Proudfoot

Innovation Strategist

I’m a music nerd. I also like building cabins*, listening to podcasts and solving problems.

My job at WWF allows me to work with communities of people – from farmers, to foodies, entrepreneurs and tech experts – to help build their capacity and skills to solve the problems they care about, like climate change. I spend time exploring how communications, behavioural economics, digital tools and good old-fashioned relationship building can increase peoples' participation in policy-making, solution-design and, more broadly, democracy.

I studied a Masters of International Development and spent two years living and working in the Kingdom of Tonga to increase the power and effectiveness of relationships with media, business and community, and non-government organisations.

I also arranged a classical music concert for the king, but that’s another story. It was in Tonga that I was exposed to the effects of climate change first-hand, which prompted me to get involved in solving the problem at its root causes, and building the capacity and influence of the people most affected by climate change and those who can help solve it.

*ok, thinking about building cabins. I will start building one day!

The future is exciting! We’re living in a time where old models are being turned on their heads, innovation is coming from every direction and more and more people are getting active and involved in creating a better future.