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View of the Wheatbelt, Western Australia © WWF-Aus / Alan Carmichael

Josi Heyerdahl profile photo. Photo courtesy of Josi Heyerdahl

Josi Heyerdahl

Sustainable Business Manager

I am passionate about deepening the human-nature connection. I believe life creates the conditions conducive to life. I grew up in Cape Town between the mountains and the ocean, and I feel happiest and most alive in nature.

At WWF, I work with business to create partnerships for global transformation. Our partnerships help to change the way companies source their products, communicate sustainability messages to new audiences, and raise critical funds for conservation. Did you know that about 300 companies globally control the majority of the product supply chains that impact the places and species we care about? These companies are part of the conservation movement.

I love to be near the ocean and have lived in Cape Town, San Francisco, Sydney and Mozambique. Some of the best moments of my life have been underwater with manta rays and whale sharks, and on land with tigers in India.
We are all connected. I look forward to the day when we no longer see ourselves as separate from the natural world.