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A green turtle swims off Heron Island Research Station, Queensland, Australia © WWF / James Morgan

Jo-Anne McCrea profile photo © WWF-Aus / Fiora Sacco

Jo-anne McCrea

Australian Fisheries and Seafood Manager

I grew up as an ocean-loving, animal-adoring kid along the coast of the Great Barrier Reef, in far north Queensland. I was set on becoming a vet when I fell hook, line and sinker for marine biology. The rest, as they say, is history.

Leading the seafood charter for WWF-Australia, I work across the supply chain from seafood retailers all the way down to the fishing vessels and fish farms (aquaculture) to educate and help our partners with sustainable purchasing and production. For me, the biggest spark is joining together science, sustainability and business to create conservation outcomes and commercial value simultaneously. This union has power that has only recently been recognised and it’s a privilege to be working at the forefront of this new approach.

I feel old now when I say that I’ve worked on fisheries and aquaculture sustainability for over 20 years, across private, government and conservation sectors. While I love fish, I love working with people even more because, together, we make sustainable fishing possible.

As I work with inspiring people in the WWF Network and throughout the fishing industry who share a common vision for healthy oceans, I desperately hope that all this work will help ensure a great world for my two children and their children to come.

People are the biggest threat to the planet, but they’re also capable of the most exciting solutions.