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Wheat field at Peter Holding\

Ian McConnel profile photo © Steve White / WWF-Aus

Ian McConnel

Global Commodity Leader – Beef

I grew up on a cattle farm that my family has owned for five generations, so have a passion for farming that works with nature, not against it. This is now more important than ever as a parent raising and feeding two kids. I take a lot of pride in taking my kids back to the farm to help work the animals but also being able to stop and see koalas, parrots, lizards and snakes living happily side by side with the farming operation.

My role is to coordinate all the work WWF does on beef production right around the globe, from stopping deforestation in Brazil, supporting small-holders adopt best practices in Africa, encouraging more sustainable diets in Europe, ensuring farming is not damaging the Great Barrier Reef, to helping the world’s biggest companies develop sustainable supply chains.

This work has shown me the complexity of the food system we’re all part of, and the need to help consumers understand more about their food so they can make sustainable choices. In all this complexity though, it’s obvious that farming needs to be, and will be, part of the solution for climate change, saving biodiversity, water quality and for people.

I’ve spent my career working with farmers to adopt better practices and have loved bringing that same passion to WWF and seeing the on-ground action all over the world. More than that though, I love being able to tell our supporters the great work many of our partner farmers are doing!