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View of the Wheatbelt, Western Australia © WWF-Aus / Alan Carmichael

Christine Robinson profile photo © WWF-Aus / Fiora Sacco

Christine Robinson

Legacy Donors

A friend recently told me that although I didn’t look it I was actually the biggest hippy she knew. I don’t think of myself as a hippy, but my values are extremely important to me and I live them out in every aspect of my life. 

I’m blessed to have one of the best jobs at WWF-Australia. I spend each and every day engaging with a group of individuals who love wildlife, who love nature, and who care about the future of this planet – our very special legacy donors and philanthropists. I’m privileged to connect these passionate and wise people to what they’re achieving through WWF.

 In my former life I was a graphic designer and catalogue art director who secretly wished she was spending her precious eight hours a day doing something more meaningful. I’m not sure who taught me to care so deeply about conservation; I just always have. It was these two things that led me to WWF-Australia.

I’m excited about the amazing things happening around the world to conserve this planet, and the amazing people making them happen. This is what gives me confidence in a bright future. I want to be part of that change and bring as many people on the journey as I possibly can.