Green turtle, Heron Island © WWF-Aus / Sian Breen

Christine Hof profile photo. Photo courtesy of Christine Hof

Christine Hof

Marine Species Project Manager

I’m an adventurous spirit with a goal to make a difference. As a marine scientist, I’m motivated to conserve and protect the greatest natural resource on Earth – our marine environment. It’s not a job; it’s a passion.

I work with a diverse team – not just WWF staff but people on the ground. I specialise in threatened species conservation by bringing people together to research, manage and advocate for a healthier marine environment and to reverse the trajectory of turtle and dugong populations racing towards extinction. I try to communicate our conservation impact to bridge the gap between good science, people, and policy within the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea and at an international level.

I’ve travelled extensively, researching dolphins and whales in the US, UK and Australia. Stemming from my background in coastal and marine planning and policy, I bring to WWF project management, research and monitoring skills, and the design of conservation and community-driven initiatives to hopefully make a greater conservation impact.

If I’m motivating people to make a change then I’m doing my job, the work of WWF and other conservation movements – helping to save marine turtles and dugongs.

The important thing is that I know we’re making a difference for our great-grandchildren so they have a healthy natural environment to depend on and the species and places we love to enjoy.

I want to inspire people to act, to be armed with knowledge backed by good science, and challenge them to think and do differently.

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