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A green turtle swims off Heron Island Research Station, Queensland, Australia © WWF / James Morgan

Andrew Smith profile photo. Photo courtesy of Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Senior Manager Marine Sustainable Development

I’m a marine biologist with over 30 years’ experience working on tropical coastal fisheries management. My particular interest is in areas where customary use rights and marine tenure issues predominate, such as within the Pacific islands  

Growing up, my family constantly moved around Australia and Asia (courtesy of the RAAF) and if I wasn’t a marine biologist, then I’d probably be an anthropologist, due to my fascination with other cultures. My professional career has involved living and working in Indigenous communities on Cape York, as well as more than 25 years living and working in the Asia-Pacific region with island governments, regional and non-government organisations. My role with WWF allows me to continue working in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. 

I’ll always be married to the Pacific Islands—both literally and figuratively! I really want to help ensure that the fragile natural environment and its limited resources are used sustainably in the face of both global and local pressures. I really want my two children to be able to enjoy the islands as I have.

Im extremely lucky that with WWF I’m able to work with our partners in the Pacific on community-based fisheries management and that it links to empowering women through community-based microfinance schemes.