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Wheat field at Peter Holding\

Andrew Rouse profile photo. Photo courtesy of Andrew Rouse

Andrew Rouse

Program Manager Sustainable Agriculture

I grew up on a diet of David Attenborough documentaries and Gerald Durrell books. So it’s not surprising that I ended up working in the environmental field.

At WWF, I collaborate with primary producers and businesses to promote sustainable agriculture, demonstrating that sustainability and productivity go hand in hand.

Working with the cane growers participating in Project Catalyst has shown me that, given the opportunity to innovate, extraordinary things can be achieved. It’s a wonderful experience to work with farmers who see a bright future for their business.

This is my second time around at WWF (formerly I was Resource Conservation Manager), after stints working in the private sector and overseas development.

There are endless possibilities for a more sustainable future. Working at WWF allows me to put some of these into practice.

It is incredibly rewarding to be able to work with farmers to improve their environmental practices and for them to see a more sustainable future for their business.