Testimonials from WWF supporters

Testimonials are an important reminder to help us keep going. Testimonials prove that our conservation goals are important to many generous people.

Testimonials from WWF-Australia staff members

Matt W.
I love working for WWF. I feel lucky to be part of an organisation that’s actually helping make the world a better place.

Averil B.
Working at WWF is a real privilege. It’s great to work with inspiring people all over the world, and to know I can make a difference to the things I am passionate about – threatened species, wetland protection and pollution reduction.

Testimonials from WWF-Australia bequestors

Mr Michael Bird / ©: Michael Bird
Mr Michael Bird
© Michael Bird
Michael Bird, NSW
For me, making a bequest to WWF was the most natural thing in the world. I really am concerned for the fragility of the planet and see WWF as actually achieving things, not just making a noise about issues.

The 2008 Sumatra victory is just one case in point. I actually felt a sense of relief – another major environmental milestone has been reached.

That’s the way it is with WWF – achievements! They have the global presence and integrity to be able to get things done. And I want to be a part of that.

I decided to include WWF in my Will because, while I have been able to give a little to WWF on a regular basis, I will be able to do far, far more in my Will, when the time comes.

I chatted with my children about it and they were fine. I feel very, very positive about this decision.

Mrs Holly Smith / ©: Doug McLean / WWF-Aus
Mrs Holly Smith
© Doug McLean / WWF-Aus
Holly Smith, NSW
I love all of nature, and am glad to be part of the process of preserving our natural environment, and of keeping our world safe for the animals.

Although I can’t give a great deal on a regular basis, by leaving WWF a legacy, I know I can have an impact far beyond anything I have been able to do during the course of my life.

WWF-Australia has the size and the international strength to be listened to. Their recent achievements here in Australia and overseas show that they must be getting it right. Governments are listening to them!

In leaving WWF-Australia a bequest, I find it quite inspiring to think what my legacy might help to achieve.

I also appreciate the fact that they keep in touch. I don’t expect a thank you every time I help, but it is good to be kept informed about what is happening.

Thank you WWF.
Click here for more information about leaving a bequest in your Will.

Testimonials from WWF-Australia supporters

Phil Devereux
I support WWF-Australia because they support maintaining a world in which all wildlife INCLUDING US can flourish happily and healthily! Love the world, love wildlife, love WWF-Australia!

Alexis Roitman
Why do I support WWF?
Because it’s only by applying science-based solutions to environmental threats that you can avoid further environmental damage, inform and influence public opinion and then change human behaviour that’s contributing to environmental threats. Onya WWF!

Michele Hannam Short
Why do I support WWF?
Because they make a difference. WWF supports and is involved in worthy causes which highlight the plight of those in need of help. Individually we have limited reach and power, but as a group we have much more. With WWF we can change things in the world because we are pulling together. Thank goodness for movements like WWF.

Didier Alanoix

I do not want to re-quote the Alexis and Michele’s powerful arguments, and therefore I will concentrate my short presentation on your strong notion of world-wide conservation.
“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. This proverb introduces notions of conservation, integration and sharing; and those notions are found in every single action of WWF! For sure, you make a HUGE difference on our planet. In fact, you are not only focusing on one issue, but also on every single global environmental, social, and political problem facing the world today.
Your dynamism, your passion and your ambition are the ACTUAL KEYS for a real living planet.
“If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” For sure, you already have myself and thousands of thousands of people around the world on board! Together we will achieve your visions!
Kind regards and thank you for all!
Didier, a passionate for life!

Nick Getley
I support WWF because of all the good causes in the world, animals seem to be the least supported, and the most helpless. WWF has a very active online presence, as is obvious from their social networking pages, such as Facebook, and I am constantly informed and aware of the plight of some of Earth’s creatures every day. From there, I can inform my friends and various sites in my own way, linking back to WWF.
One of the best ways you can reach people today is social marketing, and WWF are definitely achieving that.
The symbol of the WWF panda is iconic, something everyone can recognise and has become a kind of totem in my life.

Brady Jobson

I support WWF because they give animals across the globe a voice that would not be heard without them. It is up to us to protect animals as we are also the greatest threat that they face. If it wasn’t for WWF, many people, including myself, wouldn’t be aware of the crises facing the planet today. WWF spreads awareness not only passionately, but creatively. The online store is a great way to reach various people with the charitable gifts it offers, such as adopt-an-animal packages. It is this passion that makes me proud to say I support WWF.

Chris Stewart
I support WWF because I have grown up with them. They were always an educational and informative source for me. I learnt a lot about endangered species and the environment from WWF over the years, and any time someone asks me which charitable organisations I support I tell them the World Wide Fund for Nature. Everybody knows about WWF; it is the most active animal charity I can think of, constantly spreading a positive message throughout the world.

Camille Hansen
I support WWF because I believe the work they are doing for our world’s most endangered species is absolutely fantastic. Environmental education world-wide on endangered species is needed so that we can conserve our species for future generations to enjoy! Keep up the fantastic work WWF; I fully support your organisation!

Matthew Balken
I’m a big supporter of WWF-Australia and WWF-International, for the help, hard work, love and dedication their team and its volunteers provide for our planet. We need WWF to continue being the voice for the environment, creatures and animals of all colours and sizes. We can’t afford to keep losing our forests, waterways or animals anymore.

Laura C

I support WWF-Australia because who else is going to look after all the beautiful animals?

Alison McFly

I support WWF-Australia because it is doing something truly great for the world. :)

Testimonials from WWF-Australia volunteers

Alegria Alano
As a WWF volunteer, I learn about animals, environmental issues and also gain practical work skills and experience. Meeting the staff and seeing how hard they work for the Earth is a real inspiration. Everyday I learn about a new, interesting animal, place or way that I can live a greener lifestyle. Volunteering for WWF has been a very inspiring and fun experience.

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