Sustainable living to reduce your personal footprint

Wind farm / ©: Michel Gunther / WWF-Canon
Wind farm
© Michel Gunther / WWF-Canon
We understand that sustainable living is a very broad term.

WWF’s footprint goal is to work with our supporters and individual Australians, as well as governments and businesses, to help facilitate the change to a more sustainable world. A world where we live within the planet’s means.

To get started on your new sustainable life, we suggest measuring your personal ecological footprint with our footprint calculator. WWF’s ecological footprint calculator will work out your personal footprint, based on the way you live your life today – such as what you eat, where you live, how you travel, the amount of energy that you use. Knowing your ecological footprint will enable you to make informed choices that will help you to reduce your impact on the planet.

become more sustainable

For more information on how you can change the way you live towards a sustainable lifestyle, click on the links below:

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