A group of people holding candles wearing Earth Hour shirts celebrating Earth Hour 2010 outside ... / ©: Jeremiah Armstrong / WWF-Canada

What You Can Do

There are many ways that you can help WWF. The truth is, none of our work or achievements – helping to save endangered wildlife, habitats and communities around the world – would be possible without you, our supporters.
Here are some of the main ways you can get involved right now.

Donate to appeals

WWF-Australia stages four to six appeals each year. Appeals are an important way to raise awareness of some of our most essential conservation work as well as funds to keep our programs running. Click here to view our current appeal.

Adopt an animal
Adopting an endangered animal is one of the best ways to support it, and to protect the whole species. It also forges a lasting connection with your chosen species, whether it’s a panda, tiger, orang-utan or polar bear.

Join WWF
Become a WWF member and we promise to use your money wisely to support our vital work – and to keep you informed through our magazines and email updates.

Change the way you live
If we are to create a world in which people live in harmony with nature and live within the Earth’s means then we need to change the way we live. We can all take steps to make our lifestyles more sustainable and energy-efficient. Adopt practical measures to help you live sustainably.

Make a donation
WWF urgently needs funds to help protect endangered species and their habitats around the world. Please give all you can afford and we promise to spend your money wisely.

Leave a gift in your will
One of the most significant ways to show your support and passion for the conservation of the planet, and all that lives upon it, is to leave a bequest to WWF-Australia in your will.

Organise a fundraising event
Taking part in a fundraising activity (be it a “green day”, karaoke night or tree-planting event) is a fun way to raise funds and awareness, and helps build a sense of teamwork and community. Check out more fundraising ideas here.

Tips for eco living
The smallest steps can make a big difference to Australia. These eco tips suggest other practical ways that you can reduce your resource consumption and help our living planet.

Receive our monthly e-newsletter
Join our email list to keep up-to-date with WWF’s conservation work and be notified of new actions.

Workplace giving
A simple and low cost, yet powerful way for employees to assist WWF-Australia to conserve Australian flora, fauna and habitats is to make regular donations from their pay.

Wallaby appeal

Black flanked rock-wallaby mother and joey. / ©: Elizabeth Tasker / australiannature.com
A new joey is the hope of the future … please help him survive.

Donate now
Lifting the bonnet book cover. / ©: Alan Carmichael / WWF-Aus
A journey into the wonderful world of woodlands

Special WWF price $25.00 each + $15 P&H (1-5 books)

Order the book now

Read more about Lifting the bonnet on Wheatbelt Woodlands
Sumatran orang utan, Indonesia / ©: Naturepl.com / Anup Shah / WWF
Sumatran orang utan, Indonesia
© Naturepl.com / Anup Shah / WWF
Support WWF
There are many ways by which you can help us, from volunteering for us, organising fundraising events to leaving us a gift in your Will. You can also become a partner or adopt an animal.

You Can Also...

Offset now to Climate Friendly
Take meaningful action on climate change. Offset your carbon footprint by purchasing Climate Friendly credits through the WWF website and we receive a 10% donation.

Support WWF at Charity Shop
WWF is one of three beneficiary charities at Charity Shop. Shop online via Charity Shop and half the retailer bonus is donated to the participating charities.

Karma Currency charity gift vouchers
Here’s a different way of gift giving and one that helps support WWF-Australia’s conservation work. Karma Currency is the largest charitable gift registry in the Southern Hemisphere.