Solar Power Station at White Cliffs, New South Wales, Australia © Klein & Hubert / WWF

Solar Power Station at White Cliffs, New South Wales, Australia © Klein & Hubert / WWF

Renewable Energy Buyers Forum

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The Australian energy sector is in a state of transition. Energy consumption patterns are shifting and so are expectations that we deal with the challenge of climate change. Network and energy costs are increasing and renewable energy is becoming more cost competitive.

As a result, Australian companies are exploring their options and becoming more sophisticated in their energy purchasing. Some are looking to purchase more renewable energy, but there are barriers to them doing so.

Since early 2015, WWF-Australia and a number of companies, institutions, and state and local governments have met to discuss the complexity of energy markets under the banner of the WWF Renewable Energy Buyers' Forum. We've looked at the opportunities and impediments, and the technological and price disruption taking place. And we've explored a range of purchasing options, such as large-scale generation through GreenPower or other models, localised generation, and support for community-owned renewable energy projects.

The forum aims to leverage our combined demand to grow the supply of renewable energy in Australia. Together, we’re learning that purchasing renewable energy is a smart business strategy with benefits that include brand building, investor appeal and an improved social license to operate.

You can make a difference by:

Joining the WWF Renewable Energy Buyers' Forum and help us to recruit others

Working with us to share your buyers’ needs and stories

Contributing to case studies on wins and lessons learned

Participating in the Renewable Energy Aggregation Project (REAP) – a pilot project under the forum – that will be rolled out later in 2016, and other projects that we pursue.

For more information please contact:

Monica Richter, Climate Change Business and Industry Engagement Manager, or 0488 001 273.

Our latest report: Helping business pathways to purchase renewable energy


Sustainable goods and services, once niche and expensive, are fast becoming ubiquitous and affordable. Renewable grid electricity is no different. We believe the business renewable market in Australia is poised for success.

Ben Waters – Chair

© Sian Breen / WWF-Aus

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