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Kimberley Marine Protected Areas

Buccaneer Archipelago aerial, Kimberley region. rel=
Buccaneer Archipelago aerial, Kimberley region.
© Paul-Gamblin / WWF-Aus
Most of the world’s coastal tropical areas have been degraded to varying degrees, but not those of the Kimberley. Its marine and coastal environment is regarded as being in very good ecological condition, which makes protection of this globally-significant region all the more vital.

No coastal waters in the Kimberley are currently protected by marine park status. Yet some of Australia’s most significant coral reefs occur in the north-west and the Kimberley region serves as one of the last remaining substantial, healthy habitats for threatened and endangered marine species such as sharks, turtles, whales, dolphins and dugongs.

The Kimberley marine environment is poorly understood and vulnerable, but it has the potential, if properly protected and managed, to be of lasting cultural and economic value to the Kimberley, Western Australia and Australia.