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Steep Island, Kimberley, Western Australia 
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Priority places

Australia is in a region of outstanding global biodiversity – a region that contains the world’s third-largest block of intact tropical forest (New Guinea), the Southern Ocean, the floral riches of Southwest Australia, most of the planet’s coral reefs and some of the most biologically diverse island ecosystems on Earth.

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Conserving biodiversity in Australia and our region

To protect as much of Australia’s biodiversity as possible, WWF has worked for many years to ensure that Australian governments have in place effective plans, strategies and legislation to safeguard the environment.

WWF-Australia also plays a role in ensuring that the Australian community, government and corporate sector are positively engaged in improving environmental outcomes in our neighbourhood.

WWF Australia will also make important contributions to the WWF global footprint goal by working to reduce the ecological footprint of Australians.


Australia has long been engaged in international environmental issues. Our country is a signatory to and active participant in a range of conventions, treaties and agreements on the environment.

As part of a global network, WWF-Australia is well placed to take on the task of ensuring that the Australian community, governments and private corporations are full and active participants in achieving global environmental solutions to problems such as climate change, deforestation and the sustainable use of natural resources.
WWF's global priorities

Even with the help of our numerous partners and supporters, WWF has only finite resources and we must focus our efforts.

WWF-Australia’s conservation work is aligned to WWF’s global priorities. We make many major contributions to WWF’s global biodiversity goals, through the conservation of:

the Southwest Australia Ecoregion

• the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea

• the Kimberley

• the Heart of Borneo

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

• the Southwest Pacific, Coral Triangle, New Guinea and islands

• marine flagship species, including whales and coastal dolphins, and marine turtles.