Our human footprint | wwf
Old cars crushed for metal recycling Lausanne, Switzerland. 
	© Mauri Rautkari / WWF
Every human activity demands natural resources and produces waste. The measure of that impact on the environment is called our ecological footprint.
Regardless of what resources we need, we expect planet Earth to provide them, and to also be able to consume our wastes. But do you ever stop to consider how great an impact you are having and whether the planet can cope with those pressures?

Even our most simple choices – of our morning beverage, our electricity supplier or the source of our evening meal – relate back to the consumption of Earth’s precious and finite resources. Sometimes these choices inadvertently contribute to the degradation of our natural world.

We need to be more informed so that we can make better choices that help to conserve our natural world.

Spend 1 minute and 30 seconds to watch this video about what goes into making your morning coffee a reality. It graphically shows that we need to change the way we think about everything, from our smallest choices to the very large. We can all do more by using less of our natural resources.

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Every human activity has an impact on our planet